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WWE NXT 06/27/18 Recap - Johnny Gargano
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WWE NXT 06/27/18 Recap

Ciampa issues a challenge, Candice gets to wrestle, and the new tag champs return to Full Sail.

WWE NXT 06/27/18 marks another return to Full Sail for a new batch of NXT tapings. Following TakeOver Chicago, all we know for certain is that NXT champ Aleister Black will be on hand. Beyond that? I imagine the tag team championship situation (which WWE spoiled, and then spoiled again) will be addressed. Additionally, we may start to get an idea of who will be the next woman to face off against Shayna Baszler. And, of course, I imagine Ciampa will be out to gloat – unless they’re saving that for next week. Anyway, I’m excited to begin the road to NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4! Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 06/27/18 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Updated opening credits (hey there Moustache Mountain celebrating with the NXT Tag Team Championship) and we’re taped (originally taped 06/21/18) from Full Sail. Mauro welcomes us to the show and Nigel tells that Moustache Mountain are our new NXT Tag Team Champions following a match at the recent WWE UK Championship tournament. Moustache Mountain are returning to Full Sail and will be “in action” tonight!

Aleister Black’s music hits and he gets his full production entrance even though he’s in street clothes. He cuts a promo putting over the title match at TakeOver and saying that even though Lars was a true “freak of nature”, Aleister still made him fade to black. Enter Tommaso Ciampa (w/ boos from crowd). Ciampa says it’s now time for Black to “stand face to face with the Devil”. Ciampa can see through Aleister’s “smoke and mirrors” and does not buy him as champion. In fact, Ciampa goes so far to say that the NXT Championship is what “makes” Aleister Black. Now that Ciampa has finished the “Gargano fairytale” he’s focusing on the NXT Championship. Black says that if Regal makes the match he will kick… and Ciampa interrupts to warn him about what he’s about to say. When Ciampa beats Black, Aleister will lose much more than the title, he’ll lose his mystique. Ciampa mocks Black by sitting cross-legged and says that in one moment Black’s title reign could “fade to black”. Black leaves the ring to confront Ciampa and Ciampa slowly walks to the back while waving bye to Aleister. Ciampa is the top heel at NXT and possibly the top heel in all of WWE right now – so this makes sense, even if this is just a swerve to inevitably get to the Gargano / Ciampa rubber match in Brooklyn.

Next, we see an x-ray of a skull and Mauro & company tell us that we’re looking at Lars Sullivan’s broken jaw that he sustained during the NXT Championship match.

Later tonight? Lacey Evans takes on Candice LeRae.

Back from break, “earlier today” “reporters” are outside interviewing Vanessa Borne. Vanessa quickly turns this “interview” into a promo about how Kairi Sane dressing up like a pirate is “stupid” and the focus should be on Borne.

Next, the finest is here! Kona Reeves is out for a match. Already in the ring? Who knows.

Match #1: Kona Reeves vs. Max Humberto

Humberto gets no entrance, no chyron, and barely a mention on commentary – but Full Sail chants for him nonetheless. This is the expected squash match since we’re still at that point of building up Reeves. Kona gets in a bunch of offense, silences Humberto’s one flurry of offense with a big boot, and ends the match with the Hawaiian Drop.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I might be the only one, but I’m digging Reeves so far with this character. Sure, the character is gaudy, but in the ring he reminds me a lot of a wrestler from the 1980s and we don’t see a ton of guys in WWE working that style at the moment.

Next, we see footage from “last night” of Moustache Mountain defeating Undisputed Era for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Later tonight? The new champs are here and they will be in action!

Back from break, Candice LeRae makes her entrance. Lacey Evans is out next.

Match #2: Candice LeRae vs. Lacey Evans

Oh, so we’re letting Candice be something more than a prop in the Gargano / Ciampa feud? It’s about damn time. Candice goes over here with a springboard moonsault and looks miles better than the last time we saw her getting creamed by Bianca Belair. With a heel champ, it’s got to be either Candice or Kairi that gets the nod in Brooklyn since they’ve booked Bianca as a tweener at best so far. Regardless of future implications, it was nice to see Candice get a win on TV and have it be over someone (Evans) with some credibility in the division and not just some one-off against someone with no entrance.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Evans continues to look better each time she works on TV and Candice being used as a wrestler again is a nice breath of fresh air.

We fade from Candice celebrating her victory into the thousand-yard stare of her husband, Johnny Gargano. Cathy Kelley is there to interview Johnny, who deadpans “Candice is my favorite wrestler” like he’s a freakin’ robot. Johnny’s happy for Candice, but he simply can’t rest until he puts Ciampa away for good. He brings up that they’ve each won one match and they need one more go ’round – be it at Full Sail, TakeOver Brooklyn, or the grocery store. Good thing isn’t the main roster or the rubber match would be like that time Booker T and Stone Cold fought in a supermarket. Gargano is going to go talk to Regal because this only ends with Gargano ending Ciampa.

Up next? Moustache Mountain will be in action!

“Earlier today”, an angry Heavy Machinery are outside grilling meat and cutting a promo on The Mighty. No more “fun and games” from Heavy Machinery.

Meanwhile, William Regal has responded via Twitter to Gargano by telling him he needs to move on from Ciampa and Johnny will be facing EC3 next week.

Next week? EC3 takes on Johnny Gargano.

“Moments ago”? Cathy Kelley is backstage with Candice. The gist here is that we’re establishing that Candice will no longer “be distracted by Gargano” and will be forging her own path in the women’s division. Again, about damn time.

Next, Moustache Mountain are out in matching jackets. The jackets are opened to reveal the NXT Tag Team Championship belts. They head to the ring and some random music hits. A Titantron that says “Dave Dixon” and “Carl Axelrod” appears and two random dudes head out onto the stage. Dixon and Axelrod are immediately jumped by the Undisputed Era and tossed off the stage. Each member of UE gets mic time as they head to the ring. Kyle says the win in the UK was a fluke and MM only won because they were “held up by their dumpy country”. Strong alleges that they’re phonies, and Cole goes on to say they’ll make sure that MM head back to the UK without their pride and without the NXT Tag Team Championship. Undisputed Era surround the ring as they’ve already stated that no one else from WWE UK is around to back Moustache Mountain up. Enter Ricochet who rushes to the ring and evens up the sides.

Back from break, this has become a six-man tag team match.

Match #3: Ricochet & Moustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era

It’s sort of a pointless six-man match but no complaints here otherwise as everyone in the match is outstanding. Bate goes in peril for a chunk of the match and Ricochet gets the hot tag. Ricochet is insane, like always, by dodging a high/low double team attack in a way that shouldn’t be humanly possible. If anything this seems to be here to establish the Moustache Mountain vs. Undisputed Era tag title rematch and potentially a Ricochet vs. Adam Cole North American title program. Ricochet has Cole dead to rights after hitting the 630 on him, but Kyle pulls Adam out of the ring to break up the count. After some great facials from O’Reilly and Ricochet, Ricochet dives at O’Reilly, but ends up getting dumped on the apron by Strong and rolled back in the ring. Cole gets the easy three count to pick up the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The match itself didn’t really have stakes, but I’m definitely intrigued by a Cole / Ricochet title program. Also, anytime Ricochet is on TV it’s “must watch” because the man is just unreal.

We go off the air on the Undisputed Era celebrating their tainted win on the stage.

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