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WWE NXT 06/14/17 Recap - Ruby Riot, Nikki Cross
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WWE NXT 06/14/17 Recap

Squash Match City with a solid triple threat main event that ends in an insane backstage brawl.

WWE NXT 06/14/17 features Drew McIntyre in action (likely a squash match) and a Women’s Championship Triple Threat elimination match between Asuka, Ruby Riot, and Nikki Cross. We’ve still got one more week after tonight in this taping cycle, so let’s get to the recap.

WWE NXT 06/14/17  Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a hype video for tonight’s women’s triple threat title match. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 05/25/17) from Full Sail.

We’re wasting no time tonight and are sent directly to Drew McIntyre’s entrance. Already in the ring? Rob Ryzin.

Match #1: Drew McIntyre vs. Rob Ryzin

Get ready for the squash matches, because that’s what we’re (mostly) getting tonight with a title match in the main event. Ryzin attempts to slap McIntyre a few times throughout the match and generally taunts him. This does not end well. McIntyre quickly runs through Ryzin and puts him away with a single-legged Yakuza kick to get the convincing win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Hopefully we see McIntyre face someone competitive in the next batch of tapings since he seems to be treading water a bit since debuting.

Next, we see the video from last week where Ember Moon is medically cleared. Next week, she returns to action against Peyton Royce.

Later tonight? Triple Threat Elimination Title Match!

Next, we get an Aleister Black video package.

After that, AoP (w/ Paul Ellering) are out. They’re facing “already in the ring”.

Match #2: Akam (w/ Rezar & Paul Ellering) vs. Dominguez & ?

Yeah. We never really know who these two guys are (I heard Tom call one guy “Dominguez” at one point) and it really doesn’t matter. Akam works a handicap match tonight, while Rezar and Ellering just stand near the ring and talk strategy. Akam runs through both dudes. Total squash.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The match was merely a vehicle to get to the post-match segment, as tends to happen on NXT quite often.

Post-match, Rezar enters the ring and AoP hit the Super Collider on Dominguez and friend. Ellering cuts a promo saying that AoP have been in NXT for a year and they’ve run through every tag team they’ve faced. He calls out Heavy Machinery and claims they don’t match up to AoP. Heavy Machinery are out and we have a face off in the ring. Ellering convinces AoP to leave. The most notable thing about this is the near silence from the crowd while this is going on. Considering the love that Heavy Machinery has received, I expected Full Sail to be hyped up for this, but nah.

Next, we see the footage of Roode mocking Strong last week.

Later tonight? 3 women enter, 1 woman leave.

Up next? Velveteen Dream. I love that his promo photo has him wearing shades that cover his third eye.

During the break an awesome Sonya Deville hype video airs.

Back from break, Raul Mendoza is already in the ring. Velveteen Dream enters next.

Match #3: Raul Mendoza vs. Velveteen Dream

And this completes our squash match trifecta on this week’s NXT. Mendoza gets in the most offense of any of this week’s squash victims, but yeah, this is Dream’s Full Sail debut, so he goes over strong. Dream’s set up move appears to be a modified Death Valley Driver and his finisher is apparently a top elbow (w/ theatrics). I keep seeing Dream getting savaged on my Twitter timeline, but he’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine so far. Maybe it’s because I’m such a Prince mark. Either way, props to Clark for his dedication to this character since I saw the embryonic stage of this gimmick back in October at a live event.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This is the only real squash on this show that makes sense. It’s Dream’s first “non-TakeOver prelim” match on TV so of course he needed a showcase.

Post-match, Nigel calls Velveteen Dream, “Velvedream Dean”. Okay, then.

Next, we see Ohno intervening in last week’s main event. Kayla Braxton is backstage with Ohno and asks him about what happened between him and Hideo. Ohno says he doesn’t know where their friendship stands, but he believes Hideo is a good guy. Ohno defends Itami as being frustrated and  needing to “build a bridge and get over” his loss to Roode. Ohno wants to lead by example so he asked Regal for a match with Aleister Black next week.

Up next? Main event time.

Next week? Black vs. Ohno.

Next, we get an Ember Moon hype video. Also, next week? Moon vs. Royce.

The announcers hype up Moon for a second when we see Nikki Cross scurrying into the ring without an entrance. Love it. Ruby Riot is out next. Asuka enters last.

Match #4: Asuka (c) vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross (Triple Threat Elimination Match for the NXT Women’s Championship)

So, usually I’d join the outrage online and complain about the “no contest” finish to the second fall, but seriously, it’s a weekly NXT episode – Asuka isn’t losing the title here… and the ensuing brawl more than made up for the weird finish.

Fall one is the typical triple threat match fall. Cross and Riot briefly team up against Asuka, but no one is really that effective. After Asuka is temporarily dispatched, Cross is able to hit a rope-assisted swinging neckbreaker to put Riot away to end the first fall.

Fall two ends in a no contest after Cross and Asuka start brawling outside the ring. After using the barricades, the ramp, and the stage as a weapon, the two women leave the arena and the ref throws the match out.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The match and the ensuing post-match brawl really did a ton for legitimizing Nikki Cross as a bad-ass and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Post-match, we catch up with Nikki and Asuka backstage. After brawling into some walls and a loading dock door, the brawl spills back into the building. Nikki dunks Asuka’s head in a cooler of ice water and the brawl continues out in the arena. The announce desk becomes a weapon and the brawl eventually spills into the tech area. The finish of the brawl involves Nikki spearing Asuka off a ledge through a table below.

Refs and officials (hey, it’s Norman Smiley and Robbie Brookside!) check on both women as we go off the air.

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