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WWE NXT 08/09/17 Recap - SAnitY
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WWE NXT 08/09/17 Recap

SAnitY stake their claim for the tag belts and Roddy has to go through Drew next week to get to Bobby.

On tap for tonight’s episode of NXT (WWE NXT 08/09/17) is a face to face between Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre ahead of their title match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 3. Also, we’ve been promised the in ring debut of Street Profits on tonight’s show. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 08/09/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped July 12th) from Full Sail.

We open on the crowd and Mauro welcomes us to the show. Meanwhile, Nikki Cross is freaking out in the ring. Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe enter through the crowd and Nikki calls out the Authors of Pain. AoP (w/ Ellering) are out (w/out music) and Eric Young appears out of nowhere to attack Rezar as they enter. Akam gets double-teamed in the ring while EY zip ties Rezar to the aisle railing (!). Eventually, Rezar breaks the railing and drags himself (railing included) to the ring. He attempts to roll in, only get a triple “boot down” from SAnitY. Meanwhile, SAnitY runs roughshod on Akam in the ring; the coup de grace being Wolfe and Young hitting a tandem finisher on him. Nikki Cross leaves to retrieve the NXT Tag Team Championships and SAnitY pose in the ring with the belts. Dain drops one of the belts on a fallen AoP member pretty hard, which gets a gasp from Full Sail.

It almost seems like they’re attempting to make AoP the sympathetic ones for TakeOver which is an interesting choice. But, I suppose this is still a WWE product so someone has to work as the face in that match.

Last week? Asuka slapped Ember Moon and ate an Eclipse.

Next week? Asuka and Ember sign some paperwork.

Up next? Street Profits.

Earlier today? The Iconic Duo are attempting to film a makeup tutorial… when way deep in the background Ruby Riot leaves a room to take a phone call. This “ruins” the video somehow and it turns into Billie Kay and Peyton Royce cutting a promo on her after she’s out of the shot.

Meanwhile, the Metro Brothers – Chris & JC are out. Think off-brand Deuce ‘n Domino and you’re pretty close. JC Metro reminded me of someone doing a half-hearted Dean Ambrose cosplay at a WWE live event. Street Profits are out next with their red cup gimmick. Gee, I wonder who wins here?

Match #1: The Metro Brothers vs. Street Profits

A total squash showcase for Street Profits. I hope this gimmick works for Dawkins since he’s had his share of stinkers over the years at NXT. I remember the time his gimmick was that he wore a backpack to the ring and had Renee Young defend it on commentary by saying he “liked to have fun”. Yeah. So, Dawkins and Montez Ford clearly have bonded well as a team and they run over the Metro Bros. here. Their finisher appears to be Dawkins hitting a pop-up Spinebuster, which is followed up by a Frog Splash by Ford. If this was the main roster, they’d be broken up at the taping after TakeOver Brooklyn, but this is NXT so maybe this team will do something. They seemed to get a good reaction from Full Sail tonight.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A strong debut and with a TakeOver looming in just under two weeks it’s nice to see some new blood in the tag division.

Up next? Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode have their face to face meeting.

Last week, after the show went off the air? Itami attempts to jump Aleister Black as he leaves Full Sail. Security gets involved to hold Itami back and although somewhat annoyed Black keeps calm and essentially no sells the encounter.

Back from break, Regal is in the ring to announce the participants in tonight’s “face to face”. Drew McIntyre is out first in street clothes. Bobby Roode (in a suit) (w/ security guards) is out next. We learn the guards are there because Roode is attempting to “protect” the TakeOver title match from any interference by Roderick Strong tonight. Roode continues to cut a promo on Drew welcoming him back to NXT, but affirming this is Roode’s NXT and he didn’t need any “second chances” to make it here. Drew mentions that Roode is speaking some truth, but ultimately Roode is a complete ass and believes his own crap. Drew vows to hit Roode with a Claymore and send him back down to Earth.

Roderick Strong’s music hits and he’s out. Regal starts to read him the riot act, but Strong intervenes and says he’s not finished with Roode yet – er, he’s not done… “not finished yet” is Braun’s catchphrase. Strong claims this isn’t about the title – it’s about a fight and he wants to fight Roode. Bobby says he’ll fight Roderick any day of the week and even put his title on the line – however, he has to go through Drew McIntyre to do it. Roode suggests a Strong vs. McIntyre match next week and if Strong wins he can get another shot at Roode after TakeOver. Regal takes offense to this and says he makes the matches at NXT – not the wrestlers. However, Drew wants the match, Roddy wants the match, and the fans want the match. In true heel fashion, Roode helps goad Regal into making the match. Because, you know, now Strong has to face McIntyre “just four days (suspend disbelief)” before TakeOver.  Regal reminds all three guys that the TakeOver match remains Roode vs. McIntyre for the title and Roode leaves (w/ security) seemingly very proud of himself.

Oh hey, Lorcan vs. Burch 2 is up next!

Back from break, Kayla is with Johnny Gargano. Johnny Wrestling says he hasn’t missed a TakeOver since the last TakeOver Brooklyn and he wants to be on the TakeOver Brooklyn 3 card.

Oney Lorcan enters next. Danny Burch follows.

Match #2: Oney Lorcan vs. Danny Burch

Match of the night and what should have been our main event. In fact, when this ended I thought the show was just ending early this week. Anyway, I think I liked their initial match a bit more, but this was still pretty incredible. Burch goes over this time – setting up a rubber match – by reversing Lorcan’s crab attempt and getting a pinfall out of it. These two have incredible chemistry and since it looks like the TakeOver Brooklyn card is pretty filled out, I hope the rubber match is either one of the taped dark matches or gets a showcase at the post-Brooklyn tapings.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Match of the night and a decent follow-up to the barn burner they had a few weeks back.

Post-match, Burch offers a shake and Lorcan just slaps his hand. But, Lorcan stops and Burch gives him a hard time for doing that “after the two matches we just had”. Lorcan relents and they shake hands. As a show of respect, Burch holds the ring ropes open for Lorcan as he leaves.

Up next? Almas vs. Jose is our main event.

Back from break, next week? Strong vs. McIntyre.

No Way Jose enters first for the main event and does his  “conga line through the crowd” thing. Cien Almas (w/ Zelina Vega) enters last.

Match #3: No Way Jose vs. Andrade Cien Almas (w/ Zelina Vega)

Meh. Even though this has TakeOver implications I totally would have flipped this with the Lorcan vs. Burch match. That match felt like the main event. This… not so much. The main takeaway here is that every time Almas attempts to “tranquilo”, he gets pulled out of the ring and admonished by Vega. Towards the end, Almas goes for a showboat pinfall on Jose and Vega screams “FINISH HIM” like she’s in Mortal Kombat or something. This reminds Almas he has a finisher, he hits it, and picks up the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Bad placement on this episode, but I get why they did it due to the post-match. I don’t have to like it though.

Post-match, Vega and Almas go to leave, but Vega takes a detour to the commentary table. She picks up a mic, puts over Alma, and declares that Gargano now has an opponent for TakeOver Brooklyn. Somewhere backstage Regal must be steaming mad because just two segments ago he reminded the top-level main event guys that HE makes the matches around here. Somehow, I think by way of a “going to break Mauro Ranallo voiceover” we’ll learn on next week’s show that Regal made the match official. But you better watch yourself, Zelina Vega – you’re now on Regal’s “put someone in a shark cage” radar.

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