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WWE NXT 08/16/17 Recap - Asuka, Ember Moon
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WWE NXT 08/16/17 Recap

Ember and Asuka sign paper work, Lars loses it again, and Roode ruins the main event.

WWE NXT 08/16/17 is the NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 3 go home show. Tonight we’re getting the Asuka / Ember Moon contract signing and Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong in the main event. If Roddy can win, he gets a shot at Roode after TakeOver – or potentially McIntyre? Not entirely sure. Either way, expect that, some TakeOver hype, and whatever is left from the last batch of tapings from Full Sail. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 08/16/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever.

Standard NXT credits and we’re taped (originally taped July 12th) from Full Sail. Mauro welcomes us to the show and we learn that later tonight Ruby Riot takes on Billie Kay.

Also later tonight? Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong. If Roddy can win the match, he gets a future match with Bobby Roode.

Mauro sets the stage for tonight and hypes up Saturday’s NXT Women’s Championship match.

We’re then thrown to the ring where William Regal stands at the contract signing table. Ember enters first, Asuka enters last. Ember begins by cutting a promo that puts over how dominant Asuka has been and even mentions her breaking Goldberg’s record. Full Sail responds by chanting “Asuka” like they’re chanting Goldberg. Ember vows to end Asuka’s reign on Saturday and reminds us that she’s the only person Asuka has had to take shortcuts with. Everyone signs, Regal says it is now official, and Asuka cuts a screaming promo on Ember in Japanese. Face off with Asuka holding up the title in Ember’s face to end the segment.

Up next? Street Profits in action!

Back from break, we get some “earlier today” footage from Regal’s office. He’s telling a story to someone off camera, as I’m sure he does, and Lars Sullivan interrupts. Lars asks for one more chance as a tag team wrestler. Regal seems unimpressed but makes Lars vow not to attack his opponent in the ring if they lose. This is Lars’ “last chance”. Lars agrees and leaves.

The Street Profits are out next. Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio enter next.

Match #1: Street Profits vs. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio

What do you think happens? Silvio is an idiot and rushes past Lars to start the match and gets dropped. Montez Ford actually runs through the crowd to celebrate this. A few spots later and Street Profits are hitting their finisher and Lars is still standing on the apron, fuming.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A predictable squash, but it serves to get Street Profits on TV for the 2nd week in a row AND continues this “Lars beats his partner up” storyline. If not super meaningful, it gets the job done at the very least.

The Profits celebrate in the ring, but notice that Lars is still looking angry on the apron, so they bail. Lars gets in the ring, but thinks twice about attacking Silvio and carries him to the back.

Up next? Riot vs. Kay.

Mauro cuts in to tell us that “something” is happening backstage. We see Lars still carting Silvio around. He finally takes him outside Full Sail, rams him into a barricade, and beats the crap out of him. The Coup de Grace is Lars tossing Silvio into a nearby dumpster. Lars Sullivan vs. Chris Silvio in a Dumpster Match for the TakeOver dark match, anyone? I kid, this isn’t the main roster. The announcers make a point to mention that Lars didn’t do this in the ring so technically he followed Regal’s wishes… technically.

Back from break, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are out and are doing Iconic Duo things. Ruby Riot enters next.

Match #2: Ruby Riot vs. Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

This match is… okay. I mean the story here is paper-thin to begin with. The Iconics are upset because Ruby “ruined” their video for walking by at least 200+ feet in the background. So… yeah. The action is good enough and I liked the part where Ruby mocked Billie and Peyton. Ruby did that with Mandy Rose at the live event I went to last weekend and I think it’s a fun part of her schtick. The finish comes out of nowhere, when after knocking Royce off the apron, Ruby hits a Pele kick styled maneuver to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The whole program feels contrived, but at least the Duo and Riot can bring it in the ring… and hey, a women’s program that has nothing to do with the title, so YAY for that!

Post-match, Royce gets on the mic and cuts a meandering promo that essentially affirms that Ruby will never be “iconic”. Yeah, if this is going to be a full-fledged thing post-TakeOver they’ve got a way to go still.

Back from break, the announce team runs down the TakeOver Brooklyn 3 card.

Next, we get a video package on the Authors of Pain vs. SAnitY tag title match.

Up next? McIntyre vs. Strong (w/ Roddy’s future match against Roode¬†hanging in the balance)

Back from break, it is main event time. Strong enters first, McIntyre follows.

Match #3: Drew McIntyre vs. Roderick Strong (If Strong Wins He Gets a Future Match with Bobby Roode)

Well, the run of incredible weekly NXT main events had to end sometime. I suppose I just didn’t expect it to happen on the TakeOver Brooklyn go home show. NXT did sort of write themselves into a corner here, giving them only one real out. If you put Strong over clean, it makes Drew look weak just days before TakeOver. If you put Drew over strong, it kills Strong’s momentum. Plus, they’re both steadfast babyfaces so a dirty finish is out of the question. The only real finish that works here is Roode interfering… and they managed to screw that up. After an average match (we’ve seen better from both guys just in their NXT runs) Roode runs out in a suit and attacks Strong. In theory, Roode (the cowardly champion) just guaranteed himself a future match with Strong – defeating the entire point of this match. Now, commentary never did mention a DQ so perhaps this becomes another “no contest” non-finish that is never spoken of again. But, wow, this is the kind of poorly written nonsense I expect on Raw or SmackDown. No one really looked good here – especially Roode, who looked idiotic just days before a title defense. Yikes. I mean this isn’t “Corbin cashing in Money in the Bank on SmackDown” bad, but for NXT this is out of character.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – This match was doomed from the jump and the finish did favors to no one involved.

Post-match, Roode attacks Strong by tossing him into the ring steps. He then poses briefly over Drew, who stirs, and eats a Glorious DDT.

We go off the air on Full Sail telling Roode he “sucks” and Roode declaring himself the champ.

Ever wonder why we’ve never done a NXT TakeOver drinking game? Yeah, me too – so here you go!

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