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WWE NXT 08/23/17 Recap - Wolfgang, Pete Dunne
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WWE NXT 08/23/17 Recap

It’s your typical “post-TakeOver” clip show with the leftovers being the matches taped before TakeOver Brooklyn 3.

It’s the NXT after TakeOver which means that WWE NXT 08/23/17 is going to be mostly a clip show. Peeking a bit at spoilers from the stuff taped before NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 3, it looks like there will be some action. But, for the most part, I’m going in expecting video packages, backstage promos that were up on YouTube the night of TakeOver, and maybe an update on Asuka’s injury. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 08/23/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever.

Cold open on a video recap detailing all that went down at TakeOver on Saturday.

No standard opening credits and we open on the Brooklyn crowd. Mauro welcomes us to the show and runs down tonight’s show. Main event? A UK showcase featuring WWE UK Champ Pete Dunne teaming with Wolfgang to face Moustache Mountain (aka Trent Seven and Tyler Bate). Also later tonight? Peyton Royce takes on Sarah Logan.

But first, No Way Jose is out to do his conga line entrance on a big stage. However, Lars Sullivan has other plans and crashes the party. After taking out Jose, including an “edge of the apron” spot, Lars leaves Jose lying in the ring. Lars gets decent heat for this and I’m glad we appear to have moved away from the “he beats up his developmental guy tag partner” because that really reached its peak when Lars dragged his partner outside the building to beat him up. I definitely see Regal starting to put Lars into matches with singles competitors now as some form of “punishment” for not being able to control himself at TakeOver.

Later tonight? A video package on the Roode / McIntyre match.

Up next? A video package on the Almas / Gargano match.

During the break? Since I only watched the SummerSlam main event (after it aired) I missed the creepy Alexa Bliss “No Mercy” PPV ad until just now. Cult leader Alexa Bliss is the best Alexa Bliss.

Back from break, we get the promised Almas vs. Gargano video package.

“Earlier today” Kalya interviewed Gargano about the loss. Johnny owns the loss, makes no excuses, and vows to be better in the future.

Next, we get a video package on the NXT Women’s Championship match.

After that, we see a promo Asuka did with the “international media” which apparently is WWE speak for “backstage interviewers with smartphones”. Also, Asuka did this interview with a broken collarbone. She is a complete badass.

Mauro confirms Asuka’s injury and mentions she’ll miss “6 to 8 weeks”. We get no mention of what they plan to do with the title in the interim.

Up next? Peyton Royce vs. Sarah Logan.

Back from break, Christy is with Wolfgang and Dunne. Pete puts himself over as making the UK brand stronger every time he wrestles. Wolfgang says he’s still waiting for his shot at the UK title. Dunne suggests that Wolfgang just focus on their tag match tonight.

Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) is out next. Sarah Logan follows.

Match #1: Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay) vs. Sarah Logan

WWE seems high on Logan since she’s apparently the woman they’ve been sending around the house show loop to represent the Mae Young Classic. She’s got the goods and gets to show it off a bit here. I still feel like she should have been the physical manifestation of Sister Abigail, but that ship has long sailed. Even still, I’d love to see her work in some capacity with Luke Harper. They both have that “country strong” thing going for them. However, despite Sarah looking good here, this was a Peyton Royce showcase. After a few minor predicaments (and the required help from Billie Kay), Royce is able to hit her Fisherman’s Suplex finisher and get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Not bad for a TakeOver dark match. The Iconic Duo do their thing and Logan gets some shine a few days before the Mae Young Classic debuts.

Later tonight? A UK centric tag team match.

Up next? A video package on McIntyre vs. Roode.

Back from break? SWERVE, it’s a tag team championship video package.

Next, we get the promised “up next” McIntyre vs. Roode video package.

Next week? McIntyre will be at Full Sail and is expected to address Adam Cole, bay bay.

After that, we see this Roode “post-match” footage complete with Roderick Strong blowing him a kiss.

After that, we see Roode debut on SmackDown Live.

After THAT, we get an “earlier today” interview that Kayla did with Roode. Bobby alleges he’s not heading to SmackDown without finishing some business. He plans to deal with Strong, beat McIntyre, regain the title, and then head to SmackDown. Looks like Bobby’s busy week continues tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Trent Seven and Tyler are backstage and… they’re… walking! (Man, it felt good to be able to do that again!)

Back from break, a video package on Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami.

Next, we see “international media” trying to get a statement from Black as he leaves. He no sells it and ignores them.

After that, “not-Sledgehammer” hits and Tyler Bate is out. Followed by Trent Seven and Wolfgang. The champ still enters last even though this isn’t a title match.

Match #2: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Wolfgang & Pete Dunne

It’s a tag team match with zero stakes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to see Bate and Dunne on my TV again. Especially since it’s starting to feel like the company that is cutting every financial corner possible right now may be pumping the breaks on the UK brand. However, this match probably did the least for me out of all of the UK brand matches we’ve seen so far on NXT. Wolfgang gets the pin on Bate after a blind tag and hitting his finisher. I imagine with that finish and the “Hey, I want a title shot” thing in the promo earlier in the show – we’re led to believe Wolfgang gets a shot at Dunne in the… future? The whole uncertainty of the UK brand makes it hard to get too invested in anyone working under than banner right now which is a shame.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Decent enough action, but with the UK brand in limbo right now this felt like it had even fewer stakes than your standard tag match with no stakes.

We go off the air on Wolfgang and Pete Dunne posing after their victory.

Well, the next set of tapings are tomorrow and I’ll be doing my best to avoid spoilers so see you next week for the first proper episode of “Drew McIntyre’s NXT”!

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