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WWE NXT 08/30/17 Recap - William Regal
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WWE NXT 08/30/17 Recap

Drew attempts to assert that it is his NXT now, Strong faces Roode, and Ruby faces Peyton.

WWE NXT 08/30/17 is the first episode of the post-TakeOver Brooklyn 3 tapings. We’ve been promised on last week’s show that Drew McIntyre will be in the house to address his title victory and the post-match beat down from Adam Cole and friends. I suspect we may get Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong tonight (considering Roode seems firmly entrenched on SmackDown Live now) and at the very least, we’ll get something in the way of a confirmation that Asuka has vacated the Women’s Championship due to injury. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 08/30/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Updated opening credits to reflect McIntyre and SAnitY as champions and we’re taped (originally taped 08/24/17) from Full Sail.

Cold open on the ground outside of Full Sail. Chaos has ensued and we see Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe dropped outside of a SUV with security guards also down. William Regal comes out, asks for medical help, and glares angrily into the dark Florida night.

Mauro and company speculate that this is the handiwork of Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly. But, we have no time for speculation as Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Drew is out to a decent face reaction and heads to the ring with the NXT Championship while wearing a suit. Drew cuts a promo saying that seventeen years of hard work has led to this moment. Drew owns that he now has a target on his back and that it’s a whole different game to keep the title. He puts Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly on notice, lays the title on the mat, and challenges them to come out and go face to face with him. Roderick Strong’s music hits.

Roddy hits the ring, congratulates McIntyre, and agrees that title has turned Drew into a big target. Strong doesn’t care about Adam Cole & Friends – Strong only cares about himself, his family, and the NXT Championship. Tonight he faces Roode, and after that he’s ready to step up and fight Drew like a man. Drew puts over Strong and says that this is the kind of challenge that wants – someone stepping up to him like a man. Drew just hopes that Strong is ready to get knocked out like a man. Mic drop.

I do appreciate how NXT isn’t shy about teasing heel vs. heel or face vs. face title feuds.

Later tonight? Strong takes on SmackDown Live’s Bobby Roode. We see Roode’s interview with Kayla from last week.

Up next? Ruby Riot vs. Peyton Royce.

Back from break, Mauro tells us about Asuka’s injury and says that she returns next week. Despite already issuing a statement about Asuka relinquishing the title, it seems odd they’re attempting to kayfabe the title vacancy here for one more week.

Peyton Royce & Billie Kay (w/ footage of a post-match promo 3 weeks ago) are out next. Ruby Riot (w/ suddenly longer hair) is out last.

Match #1: Ruby Riot vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

Easily the best match on this week’s show. Royce gets a chance to show us just how far she’s come with some excellent ring work this week. I especially enjoyed her hitting a crazy Death Valley Driver on Ruby. Riot looks like no slouch here either, hitting most of her signature spots, a powerbomb on Royce, and taking out both Iconics on the outside with a suicide dive. Royce gets the win (after some help on the outside by way of a nice big boot from Kay) with her Fisherman’s Suplex finisher. With commentary noting that this feud is now 1 – 1, I suspect this is not over yet.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Great in ring work and some nice storytelling to set up what will likely be a longer program. I imagine Ruby enlists some help at some point to even the odds. Depending on how the title picture susses out, I could see someone like Sarah Logan or even the odd couple pairing with Nikki Cross being the end result here.

Meanwhile in Regal’s office, Christy St. Cloud is asking Regal what he intends to do about the sneak attacks. Before Regal can reveal his plan to put the entire NXT roster in individual shark cages until the next TakeOver, Kassius Ohno enters. Ohno says he’s healthy and he wants a match with Itami. Regal is fine with that and makes the match. However, Ohno adds he wants it to be a No-DQ match. Regal is fine with this as well and confirms the match for next week.

Backstage, we see Roderick Strong hyping himself up for his match with Roode later tonight.

Next, a Heavy Machinery hype video airs. They’re up after the break.

Back from break, Heavy Machinery are out. They’re facing two guys (already in the ring) who don’t get a chyron. The best I can make out from commentary is that they are Negron and Awheel.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery vs. Negron & Awheel (?)

Hey there, squash match. The finish consists of Machinery hitting their Compactor finisher and Otis pinning both Negron and Awheel.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – This is fine, I guess. I expected something to happen post-match, but nah. This is just an excuse to get Heavy Machinery a quick win on TV since they weren’t used on the last TakeOver. It is what it is.

Commentary begins talking about the stuff between Lars Sullivan and No Way Jose on last week’s show. “Earlier today”, Lars Sullivan is in Regal’s office. Regal is upset and says there will be consequences and books Lars in a handicap match next week against three other men. I guess we’re doing the Braun Strowman thing with Lars now.

Meanwhile, Roode is backstage and is getting ready for the main event.

Back from break, we get a split screen of Roode and Strong and they’re… walking!

Next week? Cezar Bononi gets a rematch against Andrade Cien Almas. Also, the previously mentioned Kassius Ohno vs. Hideo Itami No DQ match.

Strong is out first for the main event. Bobby Roode enters (probably for the last time at Full Sail) last.

Match #3: Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Roode

Not bad and it’s funny that Roode’s NXT farewell match is probably my favorite one he’s had there. Roode just comes across as almost desperate in this match and considering he had the title for nearly his entire run at NXT, he never really had to play this type of character here before. Strong is relentless hitting a million backbreakers on Roode, but is unable to put Roode away. Bobby manages to hit the Glorious DDT after a near ref bump, but Strong is able to get a foot on the rope to break the count. Strong hulks up and goes on a knee strike run that culminates in the End of Heartache. Not content with just one, Strong blows Roode a kiss goodbye, hits him with another End of Heartache, and gets the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Probably my favorite match by both guys since they’ve been at NXT. Strong’s new “take no prisoners” attitude is a nice tweak to his babyface character. Roode could have easily just gone through the motions here after his main roster call up, but he does a nice job putting Strong over.

Post-match, Roddy can’t even celebrate before McIntyre’s music hits. Drew heads to the stage, points at Roddy, and holds up the title. Immediately following that, Cole & Company attack Drew from behind and Cole gives him a DDT on the stage. They take out some security guards until Regal comes out and they flee through the back. The show ends the same way it began – with an angry William Regal standing in the Full Sail parking lot staring into the dark Florida night.

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