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WWE NXT 09/18/13 Recap - Aiden English
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 09/18/13 Recap

Curt Hawkins gets a rematch with Zayn, Aiden English debuts a new character, and we get a random eight man tag.

WWE NXT 09/18/13 is another “mystery episode” where WWE doesn’t show their hand by hyping any matches on the previous week’s show. The way things have gone lately, I imagine we’ll have something related to the Sasha Banks heel turn, something from Breeze and Parker, and (hopefully) Rusev breaking a board with someone’s first name on it. Let’s see if any of that happens on this week’s show!

WWE NXT 09/18/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Updated NXT opening credits (hey there, Sasha Banks and CJ Parker) and we’re taped from Full Sail. We open on Sami Zayn’s entrance and Tom welcoming us to the show. Zayn heads to the ring and we learn that Riley is joining him in the booth again.

During Zayn’s entrance we also learn tonight’s main event is a random eight man tag team match. Oh, this is going to be one of those episodes.

It sounds like either Zayn’s music continues, slightly lower in volume, or some incredibly similar music hits softly. This brings out Curt Hawkins. Yes, we’re getting a rematch of Zayn’s debut almost four months later.

Match #1: Sami Zayn vs. Curt Hawkins

Well, Hawkins does what he’s known for here. Though, I’ll give him credit – he looks good in this match and commentary does a great job of playing him up as a legitimate threat for Zayn this time around. It’s better than Zayn’s squash debut, but really – Bo Dallas says it best in a later backstage statement – we need to see Sami beat someone with credibility at NXT. After a harder fought battle than I expected, Zayn hits a Helluva Kick and follows it up with the Tornado DDT to pick up the victory.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Kind of long for what it was, but Hawkins did a great job of making it look convincing.

Later tonight? 8 man tag main event. Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, Xavier Woods, & CJ Parker take on The Ascension, Leo Kruger, & Tyler Breeze.

After no break, we see Saxton who introduces Aiden English. Aiden is out and demands a spotlight. English then sings himself to the ring in the TV debut of the “artiste” character. Already at ring side? No idea.

Match #2: Aiden English vs. Michael Cuellari

We learn who Cuellari is after the match starts. It’s the expected “new character debut squash”.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I always enjoyed this version of English’s character so I’m good with this.

Post-match, English demands a mic and the spotlight. He then gives an “encore” and sings again.

Meanwhile, Bo Dallas is backstage on his phone. Renee Young appears and he tells her that he was just recording a message for the “Bo-liever” hotline he launched in “Bo-livia”. Renee shakes this off, mentions Sami’s victory over Hawkins, and asks when he’ll give Sami a title match. Bo asks when was the last time that Hawkins won a match (even funnier in 2018!) and says that Sami needs to beat someone with more credibility. Besides, who is Bo to decide who gets the next title match? Anyway, Bo has an idea about how to determine a number one contender but he needs to go to a ribbon cutting ceremony. He does tell Renee that he’ll make an announcement next week.

Up next? Main event time already. I mean, there are like seven entrances we need to fit in.

Next week? Triple H will be on hand to make a major announcement.

Also, next week? A tag team turmoil match to determine the number one contenders to the tag titles.

Meanwhile, Tyler Breeze is making his entrance for the main event. He’s followed by Kruger and the Ascension. The entrance order for the faces goes: Woods, Parker, Graves, and Neville.

Match #3: Tyler Breeze, Leo Kruger, & The Ascension vs. Xavier Woods, CJ Parker, Corey Graves, & Adrian Neville

Any long time readers know I’m not a huge fan of 8 or 10 man matches (Survivor Series elimination style excluded), so this match doesn’t do a whole lot for me. One thing I did take away from it was how over Breeze already is. The crowd chants for him when he stands on the apron and pops for just about everything he does. Breeze is easily the standout thing about this match and he keeps tagging out any time he’s touched by an opponent. He also tags himself in to steal a pin attempt from Conor. Parker gets Breeze reeling and Kruger and the Ascension refuse the tag and head to the back leaving Breeze alone. From there, everyone dishes out their finisher (except Graves who hits a chop block) and Neville’s Red Arrow to Breeze is the death-blow.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Honestly, not bad for one of these random multi-person matches. Breeze really saved this one for me.

We go off the air on the babyface team posing over Tyler Breeze.

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