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WWE NXT 09/25/13 Recap - Triple H
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WWE NXT 09/25/13 Recap

Sasha takes on Bayley, new tag team championship contenders are crowned, and Triple H announces a new GM.

WWE NXT 09/25/13 features a groundbreaking announcement from yellow brand architect Triple H. I’m honestly not sure what this one is about since the first TakeOver is still months away and Triple H seems a bit much for any title match announcements. Other than that, Bo Dallas has an announcement regarding his number one contender and we’re getting a tag team turmoil match to determine who is next in line to face Neville and Graves. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 09/25/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on “earlier today”. Brad Maddox is randomly looking at a phone in some office. Tyler Breeze enters and says he has an idea – he wants to be in the Tag Team Turmoil match. CJ Parker bursts in with the exact same idea. Why are they telling Brad Maddox this? He’s just some guy who fills in on commentary once in a while. I expect 2018 NXT to feature a segment where Pete Dunne and Ricochet plead their cases for a NXT title match to Percy Watson by this logic. Regardless, the expected outcome is that Maddox puts these two in a tag team together. Breeze is opposed to this and even offers to get himself cloned so he can tag with his clone. Maddox breaks it to Breeze that cloning “doesn’t exist”.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Tom Phillips welcomes us as Enzo and Cassady’s music hits. Someone holds up a “Enzo or Riot” sign. I guess I’d better go strap on my riot gear! Anyway, we still haven’t figured out to just let Enzo do the introductions so the ring announcer does the deal before Enzo does the deal. They also cut a toilet paper themed promo on the entire tag team division. Breeze’s music cuts them off and he’s out. CJ Parker is out next to boos and a “Breeze is gorgeous” chant.

Match #1: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. Tyler Breeze & CJ Parker vs. Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev (w/ Sylvester Lefort) vs. The Ascension (Tag Team Turmoil Match to Determine the #1 Contender to the NXT Tag Team Championship)

So, it’s an elimination match. Losing team leaves, winner stays on.

Fall one: Breeze refuses to even get on the apron which gets constant chants from Full Sail. Parker manhandles Enzo, but Cass is in and hits the East River Crossing to put away Parker.

Fall two: Lefort is immediately out to introduce Rusev and Dawson. It’s Rusev Day, but we have no time for the traditional breaking of the board. More pounding on Enzo and Cass ensues. Dawson hits Enzo with a spinebuster, but Enzo rolls through and gets the three count. Post-fall, Dawson and Rusev go wild on both Enzo and Cass.

Fall three: This fall is most notable for Regal calling Tom “Tony”, Tom taking exception to it, and Regal saying “you’re all the same to me”. Well, he does sort of have a point. The Ascension head out and we go to break after their entrance. Back from break, Enzo is passed out in the corner so Conor and Victor double-team Cass for a while. Cass eventually builds up steam and hot tags Enzo.  The hot tag results in Enzo eating the Fall of Man.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – “Yay” for Ascension getting the nod. “Boo” for so much Enzo and Cass. And on Rusev Day, no less!

Later tonight? Triple H will come out and cut a promo.

After no break, Bayley is out and Renee Young joins commentary. Sasha is out to some new music that still sounds pretty generic. She’s seconded by Summer Rae.

Match #2: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (w/ Summer Rae)

Man, this is a blessed era when the weekly, random women’s match is Sasha Banks vs. Bayley. Of course, both are still young – but you can already feel the chemistry between these two. Nothing super memorable happens here, but Sasha picks up the win with a neckbreaker.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Sasha is displaying the “Boss” character in its infancy and I’m here for it.

Post-match, Summer breaks Bayley’s plastic headband to boos. She cuts a promo saying that next week Fandango will be here (they were a main roster thing at the time apparently). She also refers to Sasha as “the boss” for the first time and starts to detail how they are going to run NXT. Emma’s music hits and she sprints to the ring. Sasha and Summer bail.

Later tonight? Sami Zayn will be in action.

Next week? Fandango will be in the house!

Back from break, Aiden English is out and sings his way to the ring. Already in the ring? Bull Dempsey.

Match #3: Aiden English vs. Bull Dempsey

Thanks for coming out, Bull. Aiden wins rather easily with his finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’m a fan of the “artiste” English so him beating people and giving a singing “encore” after works for me. Your mileage may vary.

Post-match, English grants Full Sail an “encore” and sings for them again.

Meanwhile, Summer is backstage… walking. Renee Young appears and attempts to interview her. Summer cuts a promo on Emma and says that their next meeting will be on Summer’s terms. She issues a challenge for next week for Summer & Fandango vs. Emma and whoever she can find to partner with her. Summer messes with Renee before dismissing her to go tell Emma about the challenge.

Back from break, El Local is out. Sami Zayn is out next.

Match #4: El Local vs. Sami Zayn

Is this match a rib? Seriously though, they needed Zayn to get a squash win over someone so they picked the only masked luchador they’ve really put on TV so far? Okay. Zayn goes over relatively easily with a Helluva Kick.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Kind of a generic(o) squash, but it was a fun watch nonetheless.

Post-match, Bo Dallas is out to make some announcements. First, he’s healed from the injury he suffered at the hands of Sami Zayn. Next, he’s ready to put his title on the line. Next week, he’ll have the “Bo Dallas Invitational”, it’s open to all Superstars, and it sounds like if someone pins Bo – they get a title shot in three weeks. Sami interrupts him, says he’ll be the first one to sign up, and they may as well just do it right now. Bo responds by saying that one day Sami may have a following (which Bo refers to as “Zayniacs”) but he’s not there yet. Which is why the Bo Dallas Invitational is open to all Superstars – except Sami Zayn. Bo leaves to boos.

Meanwhile, Maddox is on the phone with someone when Kassius Ohno enters. Ohno wants to know what is up with him not getting work. Maddox says he thought that Ohno was injured. Ohno says he’s been cleared and threatens to hold Maddox’s show hostage until he gets a match. Did they edit something out where Brad Maddox replaced Dusty as GM because why are people giving a part-time commentary guy grief? Anyway, Maddox puts Ohno in a match next week against “one member of the Wyatt Family” so Ohno can get revenge. 2018 Ohno really needs to corner Nigel McGuinness so he can get some satisfaction!

Up next? The King of Kings!

Back from break, Triple H is out to his “guy in a suit” entrance. He cuts a promo putting over NXT and calling out some Superstars by name. He mentions some “issues” going on with the Rhodes family and that this affects NXT GM Dusty Rhodes. I’m assuming this is related to some main roster angle with Cody and/or Goldust. Either way, Triple H has done what is “best for business” and has given Dusty some time off. The crowd chants “no” but Triple H says “Yes, because I make that decision”.

Meet your new NXT GM – John Bradshaw Layfield. Ugh, the next 10 months are going to drag. JBL is out, cuts a promo burying Dusty, Cody, and Goldust, and puts himself over as a wrestling god. Oh boy.

We go off the air on JBL heading to the back to no reaction.

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