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WWE NXT 09/05/12 Recap - Paige
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 09/05/12 Recap

The Usos face The Ascension, Paige has a match, Seth Rollins speaks, and we have a Funkasaurus sighting.

Seth Rollins is the champ and we know nothing else about WWE NXT 09/05/12. It’s the beginning of a new era – an era with an actual title on the show! Two of these recaps in one week – time to caught up on the catch up! Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 09/05/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package highlighting last week’s main event and Seth Rollins becoming the first NXT Champion.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Byron welcomes us to the show and a chyron tells us that Regal has joined him. No JR… yet.

Later tonight? We’ll hear from new champ, Seth Rollins!

Richie Steamboat’s music hits and he’s out to some cheers. Kassius Ohno’s music hits next and he’s out to some cheers too.

Match #1: Richie Steamboat vs. Kassius Ohno (w/ footage from two weeks ago telling us why this match is happening)

So, after watching Kassius Ohno’s amazing match this week with Johnny Gargano – I’m reminded just how good he is and how much better he’s gotten. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good in this match with Steamboat, but this aggressive heel schtick he’s doing in 2012 isn’t really doing it for me. Anyway, after selling some chops from Steamboat, Ohno resorts to an eye poke. The ref gets in his face and Ohno begs the ref off. Only to eye gouge Steamboat again moments later, earning himself a DQ. See, he’s doing admirable work here as a despicable heel, but I just like the “good guy” Ohno a lot better. Maybe that’s just personal preference?

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The finish and the post-match set up what I imagine will be a decent angle.

Post-match, Ohno flips out over the DQ and the ref admonishes him. Ohno kicks Steamboat out of the ring and drops him throat first on the ringside barricade. Now Steamboat has a matching crushed larynx like his father before him? We don’t find out because Ohno isn’t done, tosses Steamboat back into the ring, and gives him a rolling elbow to the back of the head. I’ll remind you, five years later, Johnny Gargano kicked out of that at 2. Just sayin’. A second ref enters and forces Ohno back. Ohno laughs at this and wanders to the back. Ricky Steamboat jumps the barricade and starts screaming at the refs for not doing anything to help his son.

Back from break, Audrey Marie is out. Paige’s music hits and she’s out to a pop.

Match #2: Audrey Marie vs. Paige

This is a “divas match” for the most part. Lots of rolling around for no reason and “ground and pound” in a mounted position. Through it all, Full Sail chants for Paige¬†and she works as physical style as she can within the “divas match” trappings. And hey, after a short-arm clothesline, Paige puts Audrey away with a Rampaige.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – We can see the cracks starting to form as Paige put someone away with a finisher and not the “diva roll up”. Baby steps.

Meanwhile, Ricky Steamboat is backstage flipping out. Ohno introduces himself to Ricky, tells him that his son has “no potential”, and was “defenseless” in his match earlier. Steamboat freaks out and shoves Ohno. Refs flood the backstage to separate them. Ohno mocks Steamboat by saying “What’re you going to do? Arm drag me?” and asks him if he wants his “career ended twice”. Okay, I take back the “heel Ohno” comments a bit. Ohno was savage in this segment and it was pretty awesome.

Later tonight? Seth Rollins speaks!

Also, later tonight? Funkasaurus is in the house. I have no idea what this means. Seriously. I had to look it up. I’m… yeah.

Even later tonight? The Usos face the Ascension in main event.

Back from break, we see the finish of the Ohno and Steamboat match. The way they’re playing this up, I’m going to be disappointed if we don’t get Ohno vs. Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat (w/ Richie Steamboat suspended above the ring in a shark cage). Oh, right. Regal’s still just on commentary in 2012 and not the GM yet.

Meanwhile, 2017 NXT color commentary guy Percy Watson is out for a match. Leo Kruger follows. Kruger’s now wearing cargo pans and has a Broken Matt Hardy style grin on his face as he walks to the ring. We last saw him as the spoiled, rich guy in the Gold Rush tournament. Regal sells this on commentary by saying that Kruger’s been in South Africa hunting because he’s suddenly the world’s most dangerous poacher.

Match #3: Percy Watson vs. Leo Kruger

Kruger now has a “calculated heel” style offensive move set. He rakes the nose, does a lot of strikes, and uses the ropes to his advantage. Percy Watson fires off a few dropkicks, hits the Showtime Splash, and gets a two count for his efforts. Kruger responds by hanging Watson up on the ropes and hitting a facebuster for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Considering Adam Rose is Leo Kruger’s “final form” at NXT, I’m not entirely on board with this new gimmick.

Later tonight? Rollins. Talking.

Also, later tonight? Usos. Ascension. Tag Team Match.

Up next? The Funkasaurus.

Back from break, Funkasaurus is out. This features Cameron and Naomi dancing and Brodus Clay dancing along with them to the ring. Jim Ross joins the commentary team because he can’t miss this. Clay’s opponent is already at ring side and doesn’t even get a chyron.

Match #4: Brodus Clay vs. Brian Collins

Clay knocks Collins over a few times and hits a Fallaway Slam. Collins gets knocked down a few more times and Clay hits a Big Splash for a three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – A dancing dinosaur. What did I just watch?

Post-match, some kids get into the ring and dance with Brodus, Naomi, and Cameron. Jim Ross makes fun of how the boy dances saying he dances nearly as bad himself. Sheesh, J.R.

Next, we see the Usos cutting the promo on The Ascension last week and getting jumped from behind.

After that, The Ascension enter for the main event. The Usos are out next.

Match #5: The Ascension vs. The Usos

This time around, Jimmy goes in peril and we see the Ascension doing the “quick tags and stomps thing” that would continue after Cameron was out and Viktor was in. Jey eventually gets the hot tag and goes on a run. Jey goes up top to hit Cameron with a frog splash for the win, but Connor tries to distract him. Jimmy launches himself over the ropes to neutralize Connor. In the confusion, Cameron throws his body at the ropes which knocks Jey off. Cameron hits a jawbreaker and gets the three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The Usos looked really good here and The Ascension pulling one out at the last second means we’ll probably see more of this feud down the road.

Up next? The NXT Champion speaks!

Back from break, we see the opening dramatic video package again.

Meanwhile, Jim Ross is in the ring and introduces Seth. He’s out to a pop. Someone off camera throws Seth a “NXT” t-shirt and he puts it on (he was previously shirtless). JR briefly interviews Seth and it’s the usual “I overcame obstacles to become champ” stuff. Seth mentions Jinder calling him a “born loser” and how that became his motivation to win the finals. Seth also knows he has a giant target on his forehead now and he knew what he was getting himself into. Seth finishes by saying he’ll be a fighting champion and if you earn a shot, he’ll fight you. “Sooner or later, everyone gets blacked out”.

Ross announces Seth one more time and we go off the air on Seth swinging the belt around above his head in the ring.

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