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WWE NXT 09/12/12 Recap - Big E Langston
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WWE NXT 09/12/12 Recap

Big E demands a five count, Victor slaps the champ, and the main event has championship implications – maybe.

We got no hints about WWE NXT 09/12/12 on last week’s show. All we know is that is Seth Rollins is the champ and eventually someone is going to have to challenge him. Will that happen this week? Who knows! Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 09/12/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Slightly updated standard opening credits (but still no Rollins with the title) and we’re taped from Full Sail. Cold open on the Ascension’s entrance. Saxton welcomes us and we learn this isn’t a tag match but a singles match. Commentary is just Regal and Saxton… for now. The Usos are out next and do the thing.

Match #1: Kenneth Cameron (w/ Connor O’Brien) vs. Jey Uso (w/ Jimmy Uso)

Well, this is the “booking by numbers” place that the Ascension vs. Usos feud could go to and sure enough here we are. I imagine next week or a few weeks from now we’ll get Connor vs. Jimmy. This is “okay” for what it is. The Usos always work better as a team, so taking that aspect of their offense away doesn’t do Jey many favors here. Likewise, I’m not entirely sold on Kenneth Cameron as a singles guy either. Connor keeps interfering on the outside and eventually eats a Jimmy Uso superkick for doing so. After a suplex by Cameron on Jey gets a two count, Jey gets sent into the ropes and counters with a kick. Somehow this gets him a three count and the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Rather predictable main roster style tag team booking. No botches or anything to really give this a “Thumbs Down” rating – but it didn’t really do much for me either. The finish came out of nowhere and this match did very little to escalate the feud and nothing to blow it off. I’m sure that means more to come.

Post-match, the Usos celebrate amongst the Full Sail crowd.

Later tonight? Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty in the main event. This has “championship implications” but Saxton is careful not to call it a Number One Contender’s match.

Up next? Big E Langston is here and he’s going to be in action!

Meanwhile, Dusty Rhodes is looking at some guy’s iPad and says “she’ll really fit in the Diva’s division”. Oh man. Oh God. Rick Victor storms in and interrupts Dusty. He knows that Dusty knows what he’s capable of and that he is capable of beating Seth Rollins for the title. Dusty tells him to calm down and that Victor needs to prove himself to Dusty in order to get a title match. Rick says he’ll prove himself and leaves.

Next, Big E is out. Already in the ring? Chad Baxter.

Match #2: Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter

Baxter gets in a few strikes and from there it’s a Big E squash. We get a trio of backbreakers where Big E holds onto Baxter the entire time. The squash is focused around how powerful Big E is and Regal and Saxton do a nice job putting over his feats of strength. Eventually, Big E stops toying around and hits Baxter with the Big Ending to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The post-match segment bumps this up into the higher ratings tier. Having only previously known Big E from the New Day it is fascinating to me to watch this “bad ass” Big E debut at NXT and develop into a monster.

Post-match, Big E looks at Baxter, gives him another Big Ending, and self counts a five count. Big E cuts a promo saying that a three count is “normal” and that Big E is not normal. From now on, he’s demanding a five count in all of his matches. The sadistic Full Sail crowd chants “one more time”, so Big E goes back over to Baxter, hits Baxter with a third Big Ending, and self counts another five count. Good stuff!

Meanwhile, Kassius Ohno is backstage. He cuts a promo saying that he’s a dangerous man and no one at NXT gets that. So, next week he will debut the Kassius Ohno Sparring Session™ which show everyone just how dangerous he really is.

After that, we see a “Trent?” vignette and learn that Trent Barreta returns to NXT next week!

Back in the arena, Garrett Dylan is out. Damien Sandow’s music hits and he’s out next. Sandow cuts a promo offering Dylan the chance to avoid having a match by sitting ringside while Sandow lectures Full Sail. Dylan does not accept.

Match #3: Garrett Dylan vs. Damien Sandow

Essentially a Damien Sandow squash match. Dylan gets in some hope spots, but that’s mainly due to the type of heel that Sandow is more than anything. Sandow puts Dylan away with a neckbreaker. We got this instead of a women’s match this week. Meh.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – I like Sandow good enough, but this really had no point at all.

Post-match, Sandow does a cartwheel. The crowd chants “one more time” and Sandow acts like he’s going to do it, but doesn’t do it, and leaves to boos.

Meanwhile, Briley is backstage with Seth. He asks Seth about tonight’s main event and Seth answers that’s he ready for anybody, anywhere, anytime. Victor enters, accuses Seth of being “protected”, and bets that Seth doesn’t even know Victor’s name. Seth says that he’s right – he doesn’t and gets a slap to the face from Rick. Victor leaves and Seth fumes – saying that Rick Victor just moved to the top of Seth’s list.

Back from break, Seth walks into Dusty’s office all fired up. Dusty tells Seth to calm down and Seth tells him he just got slapped.  Seth wants a match with Victor next week or he can’t be held responsible for what he does to Victor. Dusty grants Seth the match.

Up next? Kidd vs. McGillicutty.

Back from break, Kidd’s music hits and he’s out. McGillicutty’s music hits and he’s out next. Jim Ross has joined the commentary team. That means it is time for the main event.

Match #4: Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

Not terrible by any stretch but the fact NXT doesn’t want to commit to this being a Number One Contender’s match really takes away from it. Commentary has to do this dance where they imply the winner of this match gets a match with Seth, but stop short of really saying it. So, while this match has stakes (maybe?) it just feels sort of flat. Kidd and McGillicutty work a slow, mat-based match to start which also makes this one drag a bit. Kidd eventually kicks things into second gear and my interest level went up a bit. The finish sequence is quite good with some quick counters but McGillicutty catching Kidd with a running neckbreaker to pick up the victory.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The unwillingness to make this a Number One Contender’s match really hurt the match as it felt like they weren’t really behind either guy as a challenger to Seth’s title. In fact, they made Big E look like more of a threat to Rollins earlier in the episode.

Post-match, we go off the air on McGillicutty heading to the back after his win.

Well, maybe we’ll get a women’s match next week? Maybe?

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