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WWE NXT 09/26/12 Recap - Michael McGillicutty
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WWE NXT 09/26/12 Recap

The future Miztourage explodes, Aiden English rips Ryback’s singlet, and Ohno takes on Richie Steamboat.

We’re back to no “next week” previews on NXT episodes so I have no idea what is going to happen on WWE NXT 09/26/12. Maybe we’ll get another Kassius Ohno Sparring Session™. Maybe that Miztourage explosion from last week between Bo and McGillicutty will result in a match. Maybe Seth gets slapped by someone else. Maybe Big E squashes someone and demands a five count. Maybe the Usos and Ascension each get a third and have a random six man match. Maybe the women’s division has a good match two weeks in a row. ANYTHING can happen. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 09/26/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package hyping up Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Byron Saxton welcomes us and tells us we’re getting Ohno vs. Steamboat in the main event.

McGillicutty’s music hits and he’s out. Bo Dallas is out next. The Miztourage explodes!

Match #1: Michael McGillicutty vs. Bo Dallas

Saxton and Regal put this match over as if it’s a grudge match. So, because of this apparent “grudge match” status, I hope you want to see a bunch of punches and forearms. Not terrible, but like a lot of this early NXT stuff so far – it’s nothing really special either. It’s very 50/50 until McGillicutty gets Dallas to ram into the ring post. From there, we get a few two counts that result from a lot of punching a few lariats. Bo finally recovers and goes on a run and instead of putting Axel away, he showboats a bit which gives the future Curtis Axel time to get to the ropes. Bo eats an elbow and McGillicutty follows up with a running neckbreaker for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Again, nothing bad but also nothing spectacular either. Regal puts over McGillicutty as the guy to take the title from Rollins but I’m just not seeing it.

Later tonight? Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat.

Next, we get a video package on Paige. She’s not here to be a diva, she’s here to fight!

Back from break, Jake Carter is out to some boos. Leo Kruger is out next and walks to the ring with a creepy smile on his face.

Match #2: Jake Carter vs. Leo Kruger

Essentially a squash match to debut the new “weird hunter” version of Kruger. It feels super forced throughout the match; and even if he didn’t like the Adam Rose gimmick, he seemed to embrace that character more. Anyway, Kruger just decimates Carter here – save for a late rally from Carter with some clotheslines. Kruger is able to dodge a spot out of the corner and hit the Kruger End for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I’m not really buying “crazy guy Kruger” yet and considering he ends up abandoning this gimmick I’m not sure if anything comes of it.

Later tonight? In case you didn’t somehow already know, Kassius Ohno will be facing Richie Steamboat. It’s a thing.

Up next? A women’s match? Of course not! Here’s Ryback. Watch this, shut up!

Back from break, Ryback’s music hits to a mild reaction. Already in the ring? Aiden English and Francis Remi Dorian. Francis is never named and I had to pull his name from the WWE Network start point for this match.

Match #3: Ryback vs. Aiden English & Francis Remi Dorian (Handicap Match)

Aiden English rips Ryback’s singlet. That’s the only thing of note that happens here. Ryback hits a Shell Shocked on both guys and uses Dorian to pin English. Yay.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Nope.

The minute Ryback gets the three count all 20,000 people at Full Sail erupt into cheers! Oh, wait. Full Sail seats probably around 300 people. Yes, a very blatant and sloppy “sweetening” of the audio happens and if they’re still doing this, they’ve gotten a LOT better at it.

Up next? Main event! Ohno and Steamboat are both in hallways… and they’re… walking!!

Back from break, Kassius Ohno (w/ Kassius Ohno Sparring Session™ footage) is out first. Richie Steamboat is out last. Jim Ross joins the commentary team because it’s the main event, baby!

Match #4: Kassius Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat

Probably the best match on the show – though that isn’t saying much for this episode. Ohno balances “cowardly heel” with “striking monster” quite well and Steamboat absorbs a lot of abuse in the match. Considering the styles of both men, we get a lot of strikes and chops. Things come to a head when Steamboat hits a superkick and attempts a moonsault from the ropes and misses. Ohno goes for a roll up, gets 2, and attempts to put Richie away with the rolling elbow. Steamboat dodges it and counters into a roll up for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Much like the first match, this is okay for what it is. Steamboat winning with a random roll up was a bit of let down, but the post-match beating by Ohno kind of makes up for it.

Post-match, as Steamboat celebrates Ohno has other plans. One rolling elbow to the back of Richie’s head later and Ohno locks on a cravate and won’t let go. Refs flood the ring and finally pull Ohno off of Steamboat. Ohno attempts to get back in the ring a few times, but the refs manage to steer him towards the ramp.

We go off the air with Ohno posing on the ramp.

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