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WWE NXT 09/27/17 Recap - SAnitY
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WWE NXT 09/27/17 Recap

Regal explains the Women’s Title situation, Fabian Aichner debuts, and Eric Young chooses chaos in the main event.

Last week’s episode told us nothing about WWE NXT 09/27/17, but WWE has released promotional materials suggesting we’re getting Adam Cole vs. Eric Young on tonight’s show. Thus, I expect the continuation of the Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY program. Other than that, perhaps Regal will address the women’s title situation? I don’t read the spoilers and this is a new set of tapings so I have no idea what to expect. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 09/27/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever.

Cold open on William Regal explaining the vacant NXT Women’s Championship situation. Starting in two weeks, a “series of matches” will begin that will determine the other three women to compete in a Fatal Four Way at TakeOver Houston. Kairi Sane already punched her ticket by winning the Mae Young Classic.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 09/14/17) from Full Sail. Mauro welcomes us to the show as Eric Young makes his way through the crowd into the ring. The rest of SAnitY follow from the other three corners of the ring. Young cuts a promo on Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly saying that SAnitY wrote the book on making a mark at NXT. Young continues to say that all that matters is chaos and EY will take Cole to the “edge of sanity” in tonight’s main event.

Later tonight? Eric Young vs. Adam Cole.

Also later tonight? Kassius Ohno vs. Fabian Aichner.

Lars Sullivan is out next.  Christy is backstage with Lorcan, who cuts a promo saying he doesn’t like Lars. I feel this ends well for Oney.

Match #1: Lars Sullivan vs. Oney Lorcan

Lars smash! Oney hits a bunch of his typical spots and the phrase of the day is “no sell”. Sullivan no sells or barely sells most of Lorcan’s offense. Case in point, Oney manages to get Lars out of the ring and does a dive – and Sullivan catches him and drops him on the apron. Before long, Sullivan is hitting his side spinebuster finisher and getting the easy 3 count.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I’m fine with “build the monster heel” booking but doing at the expense of Jose, and now Lorcan, seems counter-productive in a lot of ways. Not entirely on board yet.

Post-match, Lars “isn’t finished with Lorcan, yet” and goes to attack him again. Danny Burch is out to pull Lorcan from the ring and make the save. This lends even more credence to a Lorcan & Burch “mutual respect” tag team.

Meanwhile, Kayla is backstage with Ruby Riot. Ruby says she’s fine with the Iconic Duo’s demand of a rematch – but she’s not friends with Nikki Cross and has no idea why Nikki is helping her. Ruby is ready for a fight. If Nikki shows up, she’d better stay out of Ruby’s way. RubyCross is becoming a thing!

Back from break, Heavy Machinery are out. They’re facing… already in the ring. Oh boy. Commentary tells us tales of how Heavy Machinery “store meat”.

Match #2: Heavy Machinery vs. Demitrius Bronson & Patrick Scott

Bronson (apparently a former NFL player) gets in the most offense and is protected insofar that he doesn’t take the finisher. But, yeah, Heavy Machinery smash. After some playing around (including Otis dancing before hitting an elbow drop!) we’re seeing Heavy Machinery hitting their team finisher and Tucker double-pinning their opponents.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Your standard “we’ve got nothing for these guys at the moment, but want them on TV” squash match.

“Earlier today”, Regal is standing outside giving a press conference about TakeOver Houston. At least they have some mics in the shot this time and it’s not all smart phones. Gargano leaves the building Regal is standing in front of and Regal tells Johnny he got his message. Regal has been mulling it over and he’s decided to grant Gargano’s request for a rematch against Andrade Almas and it will happen in two weeks. Gargano leaves and Regal goes back to telling the “press” has some surprises in store for TakeOver Houston.

Up next? Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne.

Back from break? Not that match, but Christy interviewing Roderick Strong at the Performance Center. Roderick cuts a promo on Drew saying that he’s coming at Drew with everything he has. Roddy won’t stop until he hears “… and new NXT Champion, Roderick Strong”.

Next week? Drew McIntyre defends the NXT Championship against Roderick Strong.

Liv Morgan is out next. During her entrance we see an inset promo where Liv states that she’s going to do what she’s always done – be L-I-V – and that will be enough for her to become the next NXT Women’s Champion. Vanessa Borne is out next. She cuts an inset promo saying that she made history by competing in the Mae Young Classic and she will do it again by becoming NXT Women’s Champion.

Match #3: Liv Morgan vs. Vanessa Borne

An average 50/50 booked match until Liv goes on a run. After a double stomp in the corner and running bulldog, Liv hits a Codebreaker on Borne and picks up the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Okay for what it was. Something tells me that neither woman is going to be in the Fatal Four Way for the vacant title though.

Next, we see the Velveteen Dream / Aleister Black stuff from last week. “Earlier this week”, a camera crew catches up with Aleister working out at the PC. Black cuts a promo on Dream where he refers to him as “Patrick” and compares him to a child throwing a tantrum to get attention. Black ends the promo by saying if “Patrick” thinks he can get Black’s attention by “being bizarre” he is mistaken.

Up next? Ohno vs. Aichner. We get a “who is Fabian Aichner” vignette to send us to break.

Back from break, Aichner is out. Ohno enters last.

Match #4: Fabian Aichner vs. Kassius Ohno

Match of the night. Aichner was last seen at the CWC and I only faintly remembered him from that. He looks incredibly impressive here, even while taking the loss, due to the spots he’s able to pull off with a man of Ohno’s size. Ohno sells well for Fabian here, letting European uppercuts stagger him. Aichner’s strength is showcased when Ohno runs at him for a Thesz press, but Aichner catches Ohno and powerslams him. Ohno manages to build up some momentum and puts Aichner away with a cyclone kick to pick up the hard-fought victory. One of those NXT matches where both guys come out of the match looking great.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A strong debut for Aichner and some needed building of Ohno’s character. I’m not sure why they’ve waited this long to get Ohno going on NXT TV, but he’s finally starting to build some momentum. Looking forward to seeing more from Aichner in the future.

Later tonight? Main event between Young and Cole.

We fade to black, but we’re immediately back from a non-existent break. We’re sent to Vic Joseph who spoke with Drew McIntyre “earlier today”. Drew cuts a promo saying after he won the title, all anyone had to do was face him and ask for a title shot. Roderick Strong was the only man who stepped up. Drew says Roddy is that good that he could be the NXT champ, but unfortunately he lives during a time when Drew McIntyre exists. Tough luck, Roderick.

Next week? Title match!

Main event time? Nope. The announcers discuss Kairi Sane and we’re sent to a video package highlighting her winning the Mae Young Classic.

We’re reminded the first match for TakeOver Houston in November is set. It will be Kairi Sane vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship.

Next, Cole’s music hits and he’s out with Fish and O’Reilly. Cole cuts a promo saying he doesn’t know how NXT survived without them. What everyone feels is a shock to the system, they’re untouchable, unstoppable, undisputed, and this is their era. Mic drop. That sends us to break.

Back from break, SAnitY’s music hits. EY is out with the entire crew.

Match #5: Eric Young (w/ SAnitY) vs. Adam Cole (w/ Undisputed Era)

This didn’t get a ton of time, but it didn’t really need it. The tension between these two factions is palpable and I’m assuming this is something NXT is going to play off for a while longer. The match is 50/50 early on, with the occasional “almost” face offs on the outside between the Undisputeds and SAnitY. Things come to a head when Young goes on a run, hits Cole with a neckbreaker, and goes to the top rope. EY has a decision to make. He has Cole dead to rights for an elbow drop off the top and the likely win. Or he can dive off onto the floor and take out Dain, Wolfe, Fish, and O’Reilly. EY decides to dive onto the brawl on the outside – the exact thing that Eric Young, leader of SAnitY, would do. Unfortunately, this causes EY to walk right into a shining wizard from Cole when he gets back in the ring. Adam Cole covers Eric Young and picks up a win in his NXT debut.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Short, but sweet. Young living by chaos and dying by chaos was the perfect way to do this first singles meeting between the two factions. I get the feeling this war is far from over.

Post-match, Cole immediately leaves the ring and he and the “Era” hang out on the ramp. SAnitY stews in the ring as we go off the air.

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