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WWE NXT 10/09/13 Recap - Alexander Rusev, Enzo Amore
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 10/09/13 Recap

Rob Van Dam makes a trip to Orlando to take on Aiden English and a women’s division tag match takes shape.

Hmm, oddly the WWE Network has the wrong date for this week’s “catch up” episode. I know because October 9th is my birthday and I was all set to do “5 years ago on my birthday at NXT”. So, I checked and sure enough, the episode did air on 10/09 and not 10/10. So, WWE NXT 10/09/13 features the debut of Mojo Rawley and RVD slumming it from the main roster. RVD is fine, but I’m sure he’ll end up beating his opponent as is the law in 2013. Mojo debuting, I’m… less than enthusiastic about. Let’s see how this all goes down.

WWE NXT 10/09/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on a “RVD will be at Full Sail” hype video.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail.

Leo Kruger’s entrance hits and Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. Tom is joined by Alex Riley again tonight. Jack Swagger’s music hits and Antonio Cesaro is out. This match is happening due to Kruger and Cesaro getting into it during last week’s Bo Dallas Invitational.

Match #1: Leo Kruger vs. Antonio Cesaro

Match of the week. This show peaks in the first segment pretty hard. This match isn’t incredibly spectacular (even though the WWE Network description for this episode calls it ‘memorable’), but it’s the best we really get this week. Cesaro is Cesaro and gives us the required uppercut spots and general feats of strength. Kruger counters and evades at all of the right times. The finish builds up when Cesaro nearly causes Kruger to pass out in a body scissor / chinlock combo, hits a short-arm clothesline, and puts Kruger away with a Neutralizer.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’ll give this a “Thumbs Up” because it was the only non-squashy thing on this week’s show. In 2018, this would be a “Thumbs In The Middle”.

Post-match, Cesaro kicks at Kruger’s carcass a bit. Cesaro acts like he’s leaving, but it is a ruse! He leaps off the top rope and hits Kruger with a knee drop. Cesaro hits the Swagger “We the People” pose over Kruger’s body. Cesaro heads to the back while refs and trainers flood the ring.

Later tonight? Rob Van Dam takes on Aiden English in our main event. Good luck, Aiden.

Back from break, some random music hits and… oh yeah, this is Charlotte’s theme. She’s out with Bayley. Already in the ring? Santana Garrett.

Match #2: Charlotte vs. Santana Garrett

The set-up in the post-match saves this one. Santana tries her damnedest but Charlotte is still really green. The finish looks awkward and Charlotte really hasn’t nailed how to deliver the Natural Selection yet. Sasha Banks and Summer Rae head to ringside a minute or so in. Sasha briefly distracts Charlotte on the ring steps, but nothing really comes of it. Bayley is no factor whatsoever.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Largely for the post-match which is essentially a separate segment.

Post-match, Bayley hugs Charlotte in the ring and they leave. Summer and Sasha get in the ring and Summer cuts a promo putting her and Sasha over. Summer christens them the “Beautiful Fierce Females” or “BFFs” for short. Summer says they’ll run NXT and WWE; adding that since Paige is out no one can stop them. Paige appears from behind them and attacks both women. Before long, the numbers game clicks in and Paige is in peril. Emma is out to make the save and Summer and Sasha bail to the back.

Next, a Mojo Rawley hype video airs. He’s up next.

After no break, Tony is backstage with Summer and Sasha. Summer calls Tony “Timothy” and takes offense to him saying that Paige and Emma “embarrassed” them. Summer issues a challenge to Paige and Emma for a tag match next and orders “Timothy” to go deliver the news to Paige and Emma.

Back in the arena, Danny Burch is out. Mojo’s music hits and he’s out next.

Match #3: Danny Burch vs. Mojo Rawley

Well, Mojo is already really over upon his debut. That’s about all that I have to say about this. My issue with Mojo later in his tenure at NXT was his limited move set and it’s even more limited here in 2013. Of course, he goes over with his seated senton finisher.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Not a fan. Your mileage will obviously vary.

Meanwhile, Paige and Emma are backstage arguing. Tony enters and tells them about Summer’s challenge for a tag match next week. Both Paige and Emma have had enough from the “BFFs” so the challenge is accepted. Emma starts dancing and getting in Paige’s face. Paige says “Emma, I’ll hurt you” and Emma no sells it by saying “Yeah right” and continuing to dance.

Later tonight? RVD vs. English.

Back from break, Lefort is out to introduce Dawson and Rusev. They’re out. Rusev has the board with “Enzo” on one side and “Colin” on the other. Surprisingly, Rusev doesn’t break the board. I figured this would mean “Rusev’s board” = “Chekhov’s gun” but I was wrong. NXT finally figured out they should just let Enzo and Cass introduce themselves this week. They do the deal. “Sawft”.

Match #4: Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev (w/ Sylvester Lefort) vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Essentially a squash, as Cass was doing fine and then Enzo tags in. Dawson and Rusev have their way with Enzo, Rusev neutralizes Cass, and slaps Enzo in the Accolade. Enzo taps immediately.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Nothing we haven’t seen before in this program, but I’m a sucker for seeing Enzo in the Accolade.

Post-match, Rusev sends Enzo out of the ring. Cass gets back in the ring and gets slapped in the Accolade. I’m not sure where this is going, but Dawson disappears from TV soon and Rusev gets repackaged with Lana so… yeah.

Meanwhile, Renee Young is backstage with Sami Zayn. Sami’s doing great because he’s the number one contender. We learn his title match with Bo Dallas is next week. Bo enters, tells Sami it wasn’t cool what he did to him last week, and that he thought they were friends. Zayn says it’s not personal, but Bo has the title and that is what Sami wants. Bo clearly wants to duck Sami and suggests they “team up” to go after the NXT tag team championship – so they can rule NXT together “as friends”. Sami says that is a great idea and they shake on it – but they focus on the tag belts AFTER Sami takes Bo’s title next week. Bo finds this “un-bo-lievable”!

Up next? The main event.

Next week? Bo Dallas vs. Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship.

Back in the arena, the ring announcer introduces Aiden English. English is out and sings himself to the ring. Next, the ring announcer introduces RVD’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Ricardo introduces RVD and he’s out.

Match #5: Aiden English vs. Rob Van Dam

Your typical “It’s 2013 and a main roster guy shows up at NXT” match. Aiden gets in minimal offense and RVD hits all of his signature spots. Of course, RVD goes over clean with the five-star frog splash.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – These guest celebrity appearances from main roster guys are the bane of me doing these “catch up” recaps.

Post-match, RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez celebrate in the ring as we go off the air.

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