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WWE NXT 10/10/18 Recap - Tommaso Ciampa, Nikki Cross
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WWE NXT 10/10/18 Recap

The North American title is defended in a Triple Threat, Keith Lee faces Kona Reeves, and Nikki knows what you did.

WWE NXT 10/10/18 features a big triple threat for the North American Championship. Ricochet defends his strap against Adam Cole and WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne. In addition, Keith Lee is set to take on Kona Reeves. Also, we’ll likely see some advancement between the brewing situation between NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream. Let’s get to this week’s recap!

WWE NXT 10/10/18 Recap

Then. Now. WWE Forever. We open with a hype video for tonight’s triple threat main event.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 09/20/18) from Full Sail.

Tommaso Ciampa’s music hits and Mauro welcomes us to the show. Ciampa slowly heads to the ring and mouths “I love you” to the NXT Championship before beginning his promo. Ciampa puts over his theme music and I’ll admit, it’s finally starting to grow on me a little. Ciampa calls out Velveteen Dream for accusing him of the attack on Aleister Black and starts issuing threats.

Velveteen Dream’s music hits and he’s out. Dream finds this amusing and especially likes the part about Ciampa being “the greatest sports entertainer of all time”. Dream doesn’t agree and he also doesn’t appreciate the threats. Dream feels like he deserves a shot at Ciampa’s title and calls him an “angry little bald man hiding behind his insecurities”.  Ciampa says he’s an “angry little bald man with a shiny title belt”. Ciampa thinks that Dream is just out to get attention. We also get the line of the night when Ciampa says “the title” told him that Dream isn’t “tough enough”. Dream enters the ring at this point and says he’s tough enough, he’s man enough, and maybe he’s more man than Ciampa can handle.

This brings out Nikki Cross. Ciampa looks angry and Dream looks really confused. Nikki sprints to the ring, does her “pounding her jacket on the mat” spot, and then leans up on Ciampa. The crowd, justifiably, starts chanting “TRIPLE THREAT“. Nikki goes over to Dream and starts playing with the tassels on the back of his jacket. Nikki backs Dream into the corner and says “I know what you did”. Nikki then goes over to Ciampa, listens to the NXT Championship, looks shocked, and then knocks the mic out of Ciampa’s hand. She lays down and says into the mic “I know what you did too” to Ciampa. Nikki chases Dream out of the ring and he backs up the ramp. Nikki knocks the mic out of Ciampa’s hand when tries to pick it up, keeps saying “I know” and then wanders to the back.

Wow. They’ve gone and made Nikki Cross the most important character on NXT right now and I’m loving it!

Meanwhile, Adam Cole is outside stretching.

Later tonight? Ricochet defends the North American Championship in a triple threat match against Adam Cole and Pete Dunne.

Up next? Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves.

Back from break? Pete Dunne is backstage somewhere getting ready for the main event.

Back in the arena? Keith Lee is out for his match. Kona Reeves is out next.

Match #1: Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

What you expect to happen here – happens here. Lee goes over strong with his finisher. Kona still garners shoot “Bo Dallas in 2013” levels of heat from Full Sail. They just do NOT like him. I’m sure this will eventually be harnessed by creative and pay off well. But that time is not now.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’m not tired of “Keith Lee squash” yet. But, I’m sure that day will come. Kona’s “detestable heel” work continues to be great.

Next, we get a “how is Shayna Baszler training for Evolution?” video package.

“Earlier today”, Kairi Sane speaks to the “press” outside. She’s excited to be going to Evolution and she’s not worried about Shayna changing up her training program.

Up next? The main event. I guess you only get two matches when you open with a great promo segment and have a big deal main event.

Meanwhile, Ricochet is backstage and he’s… walking! He’s up next!

Back from break, it’s not the main event. William Regal is getting interviewed in a hallway. He’s asked if he has a verdict in his “attack on Aleister Black” investigation and Regal blows them off again saying nothing we don’t already know. Ohno is waiting by Regal’s office door and starts pestering Regal about where his “shiny new toy” is. Ohno cuts a promo on Regal for not knowing who attacked Black and then calls Matt Riddle (assumed) “bromance” which doesn’t really make sense. Ohno suggests this “bromance” person could have been behind the attack. Regal ignores Ohno and goes into his office. Nikki Cross appears, laughs, and tells Ohno “I know what you did”.

Next week? Undisputed Era defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against War Raiders.

Next, we get a War Raiders vs. Undisputed Era hype video.

Scratch that, next week? A DOUBLE MAIN EVENT! The previously mentioned tag team championship match AND Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair are now a co-main event!

Back in the arena, Cole’s music hits and he’s out – alone. Pete Dunne is out next. Champ enters last.

Match #2: Ricochet (c) vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne (Triple Threat Match for the NXT North American Championship)

It’s a triple threat with these three guys. It’s epic. Everyone gets in their expected signature spots, Undisputed Era don’t show up to muck things up, and we get a clean finish. Another “TakeOver quality” match given away on the weekly show and definitely worth the extra time they gave it. All three guys do an excellent job of making it appear anyone could pull this one out – I mean Dunne hits his finisher twice and doesn’t win the match! The finish is insane, as expected, as Dunne hits Cole with the Bitter End, but a previously disposed Ricochet comes flying from the outside via a springboard 450 to break up the pin. Ricochet covers Dunne to retain. But seriously, catch this one if you can as the build to that finish is great. The fact this match is for the secondary title at NXT shows just how deep the yellow brand roster is right now.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’m starting to love this long break between TakeOvers since we’re getting some awesome main events on Wednesdays.

Post-match, Ricochet celebrates in the ring.

We go off the air after a hype video for next week’s double main event show.

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