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WWE NXT 10/17/18 Recap - Aleister Black, Nikki Cross
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WWE NXT 10/17/18 Recap

Some big returns, some squash matches, and two great main events as TakeOver War Games looms.

Tag team champions, the Undisputed Era, can duck the War Raiders no longer as the titles are on the line on WWE NXT 10/17/18. Tonight’s co-main event is the continuation of the Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair feud. They ended round one with a double count out – keeping Bianca’s “Un-de-feat-ed” streak alive. Since NXT hyped this “double main event” so hard, we have no idea what else to expect on this show. I’m guessing a couple of squash matches or else we’re getting a really stacked show tonight. Let’s see what goes down.

WWE NXT 10/17/18 Recap

Then. Now. WWE Forever. We open with the “double main event” hype video that ended last week’s show.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 09/20/18) from Full Sail. We open on the crowd and Mauro welcomes us to the show. We’re opening with the Tag Team Championship match as “Theme from the War Raiders” hits and they’re out (w/ new viking styled armor). The Undisputed Era’s music hits next and Kyle and Roderick are out alone. You know what that means. Kyle plays the belt like a guitar to the ring in full compliance with the law that now states he must do that whenever he is a title holder for the rest of his natural life.

Match #1: The Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Wow, really well done. UE work Rowe’s knee, but the Raiders power through this and start hitting one insane double team combo move after another. Cole comes out and gets wrecked by Hanson and the ref doesn’t even issue a DQ. I began to wonder how I avoided the spoilers for a tag title change because I couldn’t conceivably figure out how the completely out-matched UE were going to pull this one out. Well, it took a returning Bobby Fish and a chair to earn War Raiders the DQ win and to allow UE to hold on to the straps a bit longer.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I figured Fish’s return would come at or after War Games so this honestly surprised me. Perfect timing to drag this out by having UE duck them until Fish was cleared to get physical in the ring again.

Post-match, Fish dishes out more chair shots to both Raiders. Strong and O’Reilly hit the High / Low on Rowe and all four members pose in the ring together. The crowd “boos” but this really sounds like unmatched audio from something else. Does NXT mix in additional boos now? Did the acoustics in Full Sail randomly change right when UE posed? I’ll bet Nikki knows.

Up next? Shayna Baszler will be in action… likely to snap someone’s arm ahead of Evolution.

Back from break, speaking of Nikki Cross… well, we see her “getting ready” for her match with Bianca. “Getting ready” consists of her squatting in some post-apocalyptic hallway, writing something quickly on pieces of paper and crumpling them up, and repeating that she “knows”. So about what I would have suspected.

Meanwhile, Britt Baker is out. Shayna Baszler’s music hits and she’s out next. Good luck, Britt.

Match #2: Britt Baker vs. Shayna Baszler

If Britt Baker was a regular at NXT, I’d assume she was injured and they needed to write her off of TV for the next few months based on how this goes. Baszler takes her over, works the arm, and then hits that “stomp on your arm when it is making a right angle” spot. The ref ends the match.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Not much to report on. Baszler came out and busted someone’s arm. However, probably what was needed to continue to hype her up as a monster villain for Kairi to face at Evolution.

Post-match, the refs call for a trainer. They’re out to check on Baker and she eventually stands up. Britt is met with a running knee from Shayna. Baszler heads to the back smiling.

After that, we get a Lorcan / Burch hype video. They’re up next.

Back from break, Regal is in office and someone off camera asks him about Nikki Cross knowing who attacked Black. Regal is frustrated and still doesn’t know who did it, but Black is coming back soon so he needs to know. Regal says he’s going to have a word with Nikki after her match tonight.

Next, some random music hits and the Titantron says “Bing & Rocky”. No, it’s not the Microsoft search engine and Sylvester Stallone. It’s Tian Bing and… well… Rocky. Lorcan and Burch are out next.

Match #3: Tian Bing & Rocky vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

More a “proof of life” match for Lorcan & Burch than anything. We’ve already seen them “return” after Lorcan’s injury but with the Mighty / Street Profits thing going on and War Raiders going for the tag belts there really isn’t a place to plug Lorcan & Burch in. Lorcan and Burch go over easily here with their double team Implant DDT. I almost feel like we may see them in a program with the Forgotten Sons out of the next set of tapings.  Since neither team has much to do right now but both got hype videos and squash matches on these tapings.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – A squash tag match. It wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t really anything to write home (or on this site) about. It was odd that this week’s show was two tag division matches and two women’s division matches. We don’t see that often (ever?).

Meanwhile, Bianca Belair is backstage getting ready. The main event is up next!

Back from break, breaking news! Next week, William Regal has an announcement for the NXT Championship match for TakeOver War Games. My money is on Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream – but I’ll probably be wrong.

Back in the arena, Bianca is out for the main event. Nikki is out last.

Match #4: Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

So, the question here was “how do they avoid a finish and keep this program going?” Clearly, NXT is invested in Bianca and they’re dragging her undefeated streak out by having the double count out the last time these two met. Cross is clearly still at NXT to be a “vet” to put over new talent – so it makes no sense to have her beat Bianca. So, this match had to end without a finish… and well, that’s what they did. The match was fun though, don’t get me wrong. I’d gladly watch these two “fight forever” and I hope they finally get a “rubber match” and Bianca gets the high-profile win over Cross to catapult her into Women’s Championship contention. Near falls abound and Bianca’s body glitter gets everywhere – on the canvas, on Nikki – just everywhere. Nikki won’t stay down and manages to convert with a superplex off the second rope. And the lights go out. And the match… ends.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Wait for it… wait for it…

The guitar lick from Aleister Black’s theme hits. The lights come back up. Bianca Belair is gone. Aleister Black is sitting cross-legged in the ring. Nikki sees him and they stare at each other. The crowd is chanting “Nikki has a secret” and Nikki rolls around on the mat laughing. Black finally raises his hand and beckons Nikki to “come here”. She slithers, literally, over to Black. He simply says “tell me”. Nikki goes in and whispers something in Black’s ear. Black drops his head. He raises it and is clearly irate. Nikki backs out of the ring and leaves.

We go off the air on an irate Aleister Black seething in the ring. Wow, so they got out of having to end the Blair / Cross feud (or have Bianca lose) AND managed to finally bring the “Black mystery” to a head in the post-match. Bravo!

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