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WWE NXT 10/10/12 Recap - CM Punk
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 10/10/12 Recap

CM Punk invades Full Sail to teach the youngsters a lesson in respect and to help Jim Ross and William Regal do commentary.

With a “year end recap” airing in the normal new NXT episode slot tonight, I’ll jump back in the catch up game with WWE NXT 10/10/12. Tonight’s episode features Rollins defending the NXT Championship against Michael McGillicutty. Also, CM Punk will be in the house for reasons unknown. The big question is if we’ll get a women’s match tonight or will this be the third week of “NXT Sausage Fest 2012”? Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 10/10/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on a monologue from CM Punk. He explains how he’s not respected at WWE and he’s there to watch Seth defend the title in the main event. He finishes by saying it’s kind of a big deal that the WWE Champion is at Full Sail to watch the show.

Standard opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Saxton welcomes us and introduces Regal as his commentary partner.

Later tonight? Seth Rollins vs. Michael McGillicutty for the NXT Championship.

Also later tonight? CM Punk is here!

Bo Dallas’ music hits and he’s out (w/ reference to a split kidney from Regal). Johnny Curtis’ music hits next and he’s out last.

Match #1: Bo Dallas vs. Johnny Curtis

Absolutely nothing exciting happens here. These two have a passable match that is purely a match for the sake of a match. Beyond some vague talk from Regal about Bo’s potential, this match has no future implications. Dallas goes over with a rather ugly-looking spear to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – I know not every match needs to have Championship Implications™, but far too often on these early NXT shows we have matches like this that don’t really build the characters either. At least when Big E squashes someone or Leo Kruger smiles like a madman it’s attempting to build up those guys as characters. They’re trying to build Bo as “guy with a wrestling family”, but they’re also doing that with Steamboat and McGillicutty.

Later tonight? The title is on the line!

Also, later tonight? CM Punk is here and he’s on commentary!

Up next? The Sausage Fest ends as we have a women’s tag match on deck.

Back from break, Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox enter to Kaitlyn’s music. Paige’s music hits and she’s out with Audrey Marie.

Match #2: Audrey Marie & Paige vs. Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox

Not a ton to talk about here either. For every step forward that the women’s division is taking – it regularly seems to take two steps back. After weeks of no matches on the show, we get this rather unremarkable tag match. The only time there is any real fire to the match is when Paige is in there. Otherwise it’s a bunch of snap mares and one counts. The finish comes after Alicia Fox counters a Rampaige attempt. Things break down, Paige is able to use Fox to knock Kaitlyn off the apron, and then rolls up Fox for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – The batting average of the women’s division isn’t great right now, but at least they got an “at bat” on this week’s show.

Meanwhile, Jake Carter is backstage hitting on some woman. Trent Baretta enters after the woman leaves and claims that Carter just struck out. Carter vaguely implies he’d be standing over Baretta, victorious, if they had a match. Trent says that next week he’ll be kneeing Carter in the face. Looks like we have something for “next week” two weeks in a row!

After that, Briley is backstage with Seth. Rollins says he’s excited and McGillicutty should be nervous. CM Punk enters and tells Rollins that just because he’s the champ, it doesn’t mean he’ll get what he wants. Punk earned his title, he knows that Seth earned his title, and that if he has to, Seth should beat some respect out of McGillicutty tonight.

Back from break, Leo Kruger is out. Already in the ring? Dante Dash.

Match #3: Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash

Standard weird stuff from Kruger. He refuses to the leave the corner, then bursts out and attacks Dash. After a snap suplex, Kruger starts freaking out and rips his hair out of his head. After relaxing a bit, Kruger hits Dash with the Kruger End for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The Kruger character at times reminds me of a rough draft of Broken Matt Hardy. At least elements of it do. The match was nothing to write home about but we’re slowly getting the Kruger character defined.

Post-match, Kruger gets a mic and cuts a promo in another language. He switches to English and says his prey won’t suffer long because he will extinguish them quickly. He asks who will be his next “trophy” to end the promo.

Up next? Title match!

Also, up next? JR and CM on commentary!

Meanwhile, Briley is outside somewhere with McGillicutty. He asks McGillicutty about respect and McGillicutty gets annoyed and says he doesn’t care about respect. When he beats Rollins, Seth can have all of the respect he wants. McGillicutty ends the promo by saying after he becomes NXT champion, he’s going after CM Punk and the WWE Championship.

Back from break, McGillicutty enters first. Jim Ross has joined commentary because it’s the main event and we’re watching 2012 NXT. Champ enters last. Punk’s music hits after Seth hits the ring and Punk cuts a brief promo on the stage telling Rollins and McGillicutty “good luck”. He joins Regal and JR for commentary.

Match #4: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Michael McGillicutty (NXT Championship Match)

A solid main event and easily the best match on this week’s show. It’s very strike heavy, but that’s to be expected as kicks are making up a big portion of Rollins’ move set at NXT. McGillicutty gets some hope spots, including a 2 count after a Saito suplex, but surprisingly, neither guy hits their finisher. Rollins dodges the neckbreaker McGillicutty has been using and McGillicutty avoids the Black Out. Seth ends up pulling the win out of thin air with a Sliced Bread #2 of all things – which made for an unexpected finish. Not bad.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Decent main event and not bad for Rollins’ first title defense. We’re not in the era of TakeOvers quite yet, but they did a good enough job making this match feel important leading up to it.

Post-match, Seth celebrates in the ring with the title. CM Punk stands at commentary and applauds.

We go off the air on Seth standing in the corner raising the title while looking at CM Punk.

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