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WWE NXT 10/17/12 Recap - Wrestle Me Sign
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WWE NXT 10/17/12 Recap

Damien Sandow dismantles an ignoramus, Riley vs. Mahal, and two feuds converge in the main event.

After last week’s big show with Seth’s first title defense, things seem to be a bit more calm for WWE NXT 10/17/12. No announced matches for this week’s show and only a vague assumption that we’ll see Jake Carter take on Trent Barreta. I can’t imagine that’ll be the main event so another mysterious episode from 2012 awaits. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 10/17/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a video package highlighting last week’s main event featuring Seth Rollins defeating Michael McGillicutty. Spoiler alert: the Rollins / McGillicutty match is never mentioned again in this episode. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Saxton welcomes us and introduces William Regal.

Later tonight? Feuds collide as The Ascension teams up with Kassius Ohno to take on the Usos and Richie Steamboat in a six man tag team match.

But, that’s later. Right now it’s time to “SAY IT TO MY FACE” and Alex Riley is out. Someone holds up a sign in the crowd that says “Wrestle Me” with arrows pointing down at the unseen fan. Riley’s still got it! Jinder Mahal’s music hits next and he’s out for the first time since losing the Gold Rush tournament to Seth Rollins. He does the deal with the turban and the plexiglass box. The crowd chants “USA!” and Regal calls them a bunch of xenophobes.

Match #1: Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal

A match between two guys of a similar size… and I guess style. But, wow, it really feels like nothing happens in the match. Lots of shoulder tackles, knees, and an elbow or two. It’s a dead heat until Riley counters a move by Jinder and rolls him up for a three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – This just sort of existed and normally that means a middle of the road rating. But, for whatever reason this one just felt like it had almost nothing going on and I can’t say I really enjoyed it.

Post-match, Riley raises his hand in victory and is immediately attacked by Jinder from behind. Jinder stomps Riley for a bit and then slaps the Camel Clutch on for a while. No one runs in to aid Riley and Jinder eventually releases the hold and walks to the back. It almost felt like this would mean something, but doing some digging I realized that Jinder is already up on the main roster as part of 3MB… so… yeah. WWE feels like they’re way more “fast and loose” with moving people between NXT and the main roster at this point of the brand.

Later tonight? Six man main event.

Up next? Trent Barreta vs. Jake Carter.

Back from break, Trent’s music hits and he’s out. Carter is out last.

Match #2: Trent Barreta vs. Jake Carter

I was a little more into this match than the first match on this show, but this one still felt a bit off. Carter seems to go on a run with some power moves and the likely win – but, no, Barreta counters off the ropes with a running knee and picks up the win. The camera angle for both the live finish and the replay was awkward. I honestly thought Trent hit Jake with a clothesline, but nope – knee strike.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Decent enough action but nothing to really write home about. Barreta pulling out the upset victory wasn’t the outcome I expected here so it had that going for it.

Up next? The main roster invades again as Damien Sandow will be in action.

During the break, we see a Big E Langston hype video.

Next, Sandow’s music hits and he’s out. He cuts a promo on Full Sail during his walk to the ring. The promo focuses on what George Washington would think of today’s wrestling fans and how he’d find them lazy, disappointing, “ungrateful wretches”. The crowd chants “you suck” at Sandow and he lets them know their opinion is irrelevant. Heel Sandow was quite good. Sandow vows to dismantle “this ignoramus” (already in the ring) and tells the crowd “you’re welcome”.

Match #3: Damien Sandow vs. “This Ignoramus” (aka Brandon Traven)

It’s another Sandow squash match. He does the typical cowardly heel schtick and then ramps up the brutality for a while. Traven mounts a meager comeback, but after missing a knee drop on Sandow, it’s all over for Traven. Sandow hits a side Russian leg sweep, an elbow drop (w/ theatrics), and puts Traven away with a neckbreaker.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than the previous Sandow squash we got in an earlier episode.

Post-match, Sandow denies the Full Sail crowd a cartwheel.

Up next? Six men. Tag team. Main event.

Back from break, The Ascension are out for their full production entrance. Kassius Ohno is out next to far less fanfare. The Usos’ music hits and they do their dance. As they break toward the ring, Richie Steamboat sprints down the ramp between them, and a pier six brawl breaks out. We head to break so the ref can restore order!

After the break, we join the match already in progress. Of course, it’s the main event so Jim Ross has joined commentary.

Match #4: The Ascension & Kassius Ohno vs. The Usos & Richie Steamboat

It’s a WWE produced six man match. They don’t deviate much from the proven formula. We got the “things break down” spot out of the way to start the match – so I hope you enjoy minute after minute of Jey Uso getting worn down. Seriously, Jey is isolated, beaten, and stretched for what feels like 80% of the match. Eventually he escapes and hits Steamboat with the hot tag. Steamboat is on fire against Ohno and hits a superkick for a two count which is broken up by the Ascension. From there, the Usos take out The Ascension on the outside. Steamboat gets set to dive on to… the already fallen Ascension? This causes Steamboat to eat an elbow to the back of the head from Ohno – who had popped up on the apron behind him. With everyone else out of commission, Ohno gets the easy three count.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – The “Jey is in peril” segment felt eternal which detracted from the match a bit. I did enjoy Steamboat taking the unnecessary risk of a pointless dive and that being the thing that caused Ohno to get the best of him. Good stuff.

Post-match, Ohno bails from the ring as the Usos slide in to check on Steamboat.

We go off the air on the heels standing triumphant on the ramp.

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