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WWE NXT 10/18/17 Recap - SAnitY, Adam Cole
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WWE NXT 10/18/17 Recap

Moon hits an incredible eclipse, Dream steals Aleister’s vest, and a team returns to crash the six-man main event.

WWE NXT 10/18/17 looks to be a stacked show. We’re getting another women’s triple threat between Ember Moon, Ruby Riot, and Sonya Deville as well as SAnitY clashing with the Undisputed Era in the main event. Good times. If we’re lucky we’ll get to see Nikki Cross dismantle Taynara Conti after last week’s funny business. I’m finally less busy and have gotten over a nasty cold so I’m back on the NXT Catch Up horse again as well this week. Anyway, let’s get to this week’s recap!

WWE NXT 10/18/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package detailing tonight’s SAnitY vs. Undisputed Era main event.

Standard opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped 09/14/17) from Full Sail. Mauro welcomes us to the show over Sonya Deville’s entrance.

Sonya is out first for the women’s Triple Threat “TakeOver match slot” contest. Ember Moon is out next. Ruby Riot enters last.

Match #1: Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot (Triple Threat Match – Winner gets a spot in the Fatal Four Way for the vacant title at TakeOver War Games)

Ember Moon is the winner on paper here, but I’d argue that Sonya Deville comes out of this match looking quite good as well. Sonya gets a nice showcase of her “striker” and “submission specialist” styles here. Ruby Riot looks like she may have been shoot injured after a dive to the outside – or she did a REALLY good job of a selling an ankle injury. Intended or not, Sonya going after Ruby’s ankle with an anklelock submission worked incredibly well. However, the key moment that really made this one a spectacle was Ember Moon sneaking up the ropes and hitting an Eclipse on Deville while she had a standing anklelock applied to Ruby. Wow. Moon covered Ruby Riot for the pin after that spot to head to the TakeOver match.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Ruby Riot, real injury or not, seems destined for more “RubyCross” stuff with Nikki. The question remained whether NXT continued to elevate Sonya here by putting her in the Fatal Four Way or going with the known commodity in Moon. Seems like they probably made the right choice, as Deville still looked good in the match and was protected by not taking the pin.

Later tonight? SAnitY vs. Undisputed Era in the main event.

“Earlier this week”, we get some grainy “security camera” footage of Undisputed Era talking with Roderick Strong outside the Performance Center. Cole appears to give Strong a shirt and it’s otherwise hard to tell what this is all supposed to mean.

Later tonight? An exclusive interview with NXT Champ, Drew McIntyre.

Up next? Aleister Black will be in action!

Meanwhile, Christy is backstage with William Regal. The GM is about to explain how he plans to fill the remaining slot in the Women’s Title Fatal Four Way when the Iconic Duo appear. Billie makes a case for her getting the final slot. Regal responds by saying that she’ll be in the match to determine contestant as next week there will be a Battle Royal with the winner getting the fourth spot. Billie is not happy, nor is Peyton.

Next, Raul Mendoza is out. Aleister Black is out last.

Match #2: Raul Mendoza vs. Aleister Black

Right after the bell rings, Velveteen Dream appears on the apron and grabs Aleister’s leather vest. He proceeds to wear the vest outside the ring and distracts Black. The distraction allows Mendoza to get in a bunch of quick offense and he nearly puts Black away with a springboard senton. Black shakes off the mind games and goes on a striking run. After hitting a springboard moonsault, Black puts Mendoza away with a Black Mass to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I’m possibly the only one, but I’m enjoying this interplay between Aleister and Velveteen.

Post-match, Black still won’t acknowledge Dream and sits cross-legged on the mat. Dream eventually leaves to the back and drops Aleister’s vest on the stage. Black briefly looks over in Dream’s direction and the announcers make a note of this.

Later tonight? 6 men in the main event.

Also later tonight? Kassius Ohno!

Up next? We see Christy getting ready for her interview with Drew.

Back from break, we get the sit down interview with McIntyre. It starts off pretty standard with Drew telling the story of his journey back to WWE after being released. Eventually, Zelina Vega cuts in and excuses Christy. She compares Drew to Almas and asks Drew why he’s been ducking Andrade. Drew says he’ll fight anyone, anytime, anywhere, and suggests Zelina talk to Regal if Andrade wants a match. Zelina fires back that the champion has more pull with Regal. Drew says if Almas is serious, he should confront Drew face to face and if he really wants a title match, it’ll happen. Zelina agrees and leaves.

Next, Ohno is out. He’s facing Cezar Bononi, who enters next.

Match #3: Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi

Your standard filler match. Bononi gets in more offense than usual and he is starting to feel like a guy potentially on the cusp of getting to do something in the near future. Eventually, Ohno mounts a comeback and puts Bononi away with a rolling elbow to the back of Bononi’s head.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – A standard match with no real stakes and no real future implications. Well worked, but a match that mainly seems to be on the show to fill time.

Up next? Main event!

In 2 weeks? Johnny Gargano vs. Fabian Aichner.

Next week? A qualifying Battle Royal for the final spot in the Women’s Fatal Four Way at TakeOver War Games for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship.

Undisputed Era are out first for the main event. SAnitY (w/ Nikki Cross) are out last.

Match #4: Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY (w/ Nikki Cross)

Not bad for a six-man match. I tend to enjoy these more when it involves united factions instead of just three random babyfaces vs. three random heels. Both teams do a good job of utilizing fast tags and isolating an opponent. Undisputed make the most of this after a long run cutting off the ring and keeping Eric Young in peril. Eventually Dain gets the hot tag and goes on a run – including a wild spot where he single-handedly hits a Samoan Drop / Fallaway Slam combo on Fish and O’Reilly at the same time. Eventually, with ReDRagon taken out, SAnitY singles out Adam Cole, who attempts to beg them off. Cole’s facials during the entire final segments of this match are golden. As SAnitY sets up Cole for a combo finisher, some familiar music hits and Paul Ellering and the Authors of Pain head to the ring. They neutralize Wolfe and Young and the ref throws the match out.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I imagine AoP returning and this faction warfare between SAnitY and Undisputed Era is why we’re getting War Games. While I’d prefer a more involved SAnitY vs. UE feud – since this has been great so far – I’m curious to see how AoP getting factored in will play out.

Post-match, AoP isolate Dain, pound him into submission, and give him a Last Chapter. Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly flee up the ramp and watch AoP give Young and Wolfe the Super Collider. Undisputed Era watch the carnage and we go off the air with AoP posing with the NXT Tag Team Championship belts in the ring.

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