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WWE NXT 11/14/12 Recap - Bo Dallas, Jinder Mahal
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WWE NXT 11/14/12 Recap

Remember the title match that was supposed to happen tonight? Let’s have a pointless number one contender match instead.

WWE NXT 11/14/12 has an advertised main event of Jinder Mahal challenging Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship. Yeah, we’ve seen that before, but here it is. What else? Not sure, that’s all we got as a preview on last week’s show. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 11/14/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We get a cold open on Tony Luftman backstage. How’s that for an ominous start? So, remember that Rollins vs. Mahal title match that JR said was happening tonight? About that. Luftman interviews Jinder Mahal about said match when Bo Dallas appears. Jinder plays Bo Dallas off as no threat and “easy to beat”. Bo eventually pokes the Jinder bear enough that Jinder gets riled up and grants Bo a match, tonight, with the #1 Contender spot on the line.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. We’re immediately sent to the Ascension’s entrance. Tom Hannifan welcomes us to the show and is joined by Tony Luftman. Yeah, announcer musical chairs is starting up again. Tom Hannifan is the birth name of Tom Phillips, so this is Tom’s debut at NXT – at least as far as the Full Sail era of NXT goes. Some random music hits and apparently it’s Yoshi Tatsu’s theme as he and Percy Watson are out next.

Match #1: The Ascension vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson

It’s The Ascension against the legendary tag team of Tatsu and Watson – what do you think happens? If you guessed that Cameron and O’Brian stomp on Percy for a while, Yoshi tags in, and eats a Fall of Man – you would be correct.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – More randomness for the sake of being random. How about some tag titles sooner rather than later?

Post-match, Tom tells us that Tony has an interview with Big E Langston later on tonight. Tony is scared because of the bounty that Vickie Guerrero has placed on Langston.

Meanwhile, Layla is backstage doing her makeup when Aksana enters and gives her some backhanded compliments. Eventually, this revolves around Layla’s hair and what the locker room thinks of it. Somehow, this becomes a match between the two later. So far, we’ve seen Paige a few times, Emma hasn’t debuted yet, and the Horsewomen are still toiling away at the Performance Center (or not even signed yet). Dark days.

Corey Graves’ music hits and he’s out next. Commentary has now shifted to Tom Phillips and Jim Ross because it’s 2012 NXT. Already in the ring? Oliver Grey.

Match #2: Corey Graves vs. Oliver Grey

Graves works over Grey’s legs for the majority of the match. I learned later this is to set up Graves’ finisher, the Lucky 13. When I first started watching NXT on the Network a few years back, the oldest content available only had Graves in a match or two before he was forced to retire – so I’m woefully ignorant of him as a wrestler. He’s not bad and gets the easy win here with the Lucky 13. Grey taps immediately. It’s also of note that both announcers keep calling Oliver Grey “Oliver Graves” and have to correct themselves. Fun times.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I like Graves so far.

Next, we get a Big E hype video.

After that, Luftman is behind the weird podium on the stage and introduces Langston. Big E Langston comes out, cuts a brief promo about how he’s not scared about the bounty, and is jumped from behind by Camacho. It’s really just a drive-by from Camacho as he hits Big E and just immediately leaves. I’m not sure how he thought he’d be able to collect the bounty by doing that.

Later tonight? Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal with the #1 Contender spot for the NXT Championship hanging in the balance.

Back from break, Layla is out. Aksana’s music hits and she’s out next. Her chyron misspells her name as “Askanna”.

Match #3: Layla vs. Aksanna (sic)

All of the “near falls” in this match are 1 counts. Seriously, we get most of the way through the match before someone doesn’t kick out at 1. This match is… not so good. Women’s wrestling in WWE was like this the last time I watched in the 2000s (before coming back in late 2014), so imagine my shock when I saw some Horsewomen-era NXT matches for the first time. Mind blown. Anyway, Layla and Aksana trade kicks and for whatever reason, Layla’s kick gets her a 3 count and the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Can we have Paige again, please?

Post-match, Layla kisses a male fan at ringside on the cheek.

Meanwhile in the woods, “earlier today” Bray Wyatt is cutting a “Bray Wyatt” promo at Luke Harper and his other unseen followers. Bray is unstoppable and if you want to test him you can come find him. He’s out there in the woods with all of his friends. Look in the sky and follow the buzzards. Yep, the first “follow the buzzards” on NXT.

Later tonight? Bo vs. Jinder!

Back at Full Sail, Roman Reigns is out. Already in the ring? Chase Donovan.

Match #4: Roman Reigns vs. Chase Donovan

It’s the “bluest of blue chippers at NXT” (hey, JR’s words, not mine!) vs. Chase Donovan. Roman wins, LOL. Roman toys with Donovan and keeps talking to one of the cameraman throughout the match. We’re going the “cocky heel” route and it still isn’t working. Thank God for the Shield! Roman hits some weird slam that I couldn’t even find in his signature move list online (which JR also calls a slam) and that’s the finish.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Roman has really come a long way.

Post-match, Roman doesn’t like the way ring announcer Byron Saxton announced his victory. Roman demands that Saxton call him “The Thoroughbred, Roman Reigns”. See? “The Big Dog” isn’t so bad. It could have been way worse. Anyway, Saxton announces that but Reigns doesn’t like the way he said it. Saxton says it again, this time with gusto, and the angry Roman god has been pleased – for now.

Up next? Main event time!

Back from no break, Jinder is out first. He does the thing with the plexiglass box and Tom actually mentions it! Bo’s music hits and he’s out last.

Match #5: Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal (If Bo Dallas Wins He Becomes Number One Contender)

I bet you thought that since they went to all of the trouble to postpone their announced main event that Bo Dallas would be winning here. You would be wrong. After a rather pedestrian match, Jinder slaps on the Camel Clutch and Bo is forced to tap. Do not collect “Go”, do not collect $200.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – A NXT “main event length” match to get us the same match we were supposed to have this week anyway. Nope.

Post-match, Jinder decides to stomp Bo a few times for good measure. This brings out Seth for the save and Jinder bails out of the ring.

We go off the air on Seth in the ring staring at Jinder in the aisle. Jim Ross tells us that Jinder’s title match with Seth will be “somewhere down the road”.

Next week? During the main event, Jim Ross casually mentioned that Paige will be in action; as will Bray Wyatt. So, based on that I’m expecting no women’s matches and a hype video telling us Bray will be on the show “in two weeks”.

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