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WWE NXT 11/28/12 Recap - Kane, Daniel Bryan
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WWE NXT 11/28/12 Recap

Team Hell No invades NXT, Emma debuts, Seth and Jinder face off, and Roman Reigns issues a “Reigns check”.

WWE NXT 11/28/12 features the main roster tag team of Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) for reasons unknown. Beyond that, I imagine the Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins brawl from last week will be addressed and Big E will get multiple 5 counts on someone. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 11/28/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on Daniel Bryan declaring tonight is his return to the show that started it all for him – NXT. Since his time in NXT he’s accomplished getting a successful t-shirt, becoming world champion, growing a big beard, and now he’s the tag team champions (sic – it’s a thing, apparently). However, he has a few small requests tonight. First, no one can say “yes”. Second, no one can call him “goat face”. Finally, Kane needs to stay out of his way.

Enter Kane. Kane declares himself the tag team champions (sic) and Bryan needs to stay out of HIS way tonight. This devolves into them arguing and shouting “yes” and “no” at each other until Bryan leaves in frustration.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Tom Phillips welcomes us and the trusty chyron tells us he’s with Jim Ross on commentary tonight.

Trent Barreta’s music hits and he’s out (w/ taped ribs). We see the beating from last week and it’s assumed Leo Kruger is the man responsible. Kruger’s music hits and he’s out next.

Match #1: Trent Barreta vs. Leo Kruger

Not bad. Trent starts out on fire but eventually Kruger targets the ribs and slowly works over Trent. Considering Kruger’s new character is a cold, calculating “hunter” this plays well in the match. It’s a bit slow though as Kruger just systematically uses abdominal stretches and random moves to zero in on Barreta’s ribs. Trent gets a lone hope spot with a dropkick. Oddly, commentary is doubled during the replay of this spot and you hear Phillips calling the replay and Jim Ross saying that GM Dusty Rhodes has a big announcement later tonight. Spoiler alert – no Dusty announcement. Anyway, Kruger eventually hits Barreta with the Kruger End and gets the 3 count.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Some decent storyline continuation on a show where feuds have been built up and just unceremoniously abandoned in past weeks.

Later tonight? Seth Rollins goes face to face with Jinder Mahal!

Also, later tonight? Kane and Daniel Bryan defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis.

Back from break, Xavier Woods’ music hits and he dances on the stage for a bit before heading to the ring. Already in the ring? Memo Montenegro.

Match #2: Xavier Woods vs. Memo Montenegro

I wanted to like this match because Xavier Woods is awesome – but… well… nothing really happens. Woods keeps doing a headlock takeover and Memo breaks it. This happens at least twice before Woods hits a dropkick, does a somersault, and hits a clothesline to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – I love Xavier Woods but this did absolutely nothing for me – which is a shame.

Post-match, Xavier dances in the ring.

Later tonight? We learn that Michael Cole will be moderating the Jinder and Seth face to face meeting.

Back from break, Audrey Marie is out for a match. Already in the ring? Emma. Yes, that Emma! FINALLY.

Match #3: Audrey Marie vs. Emma

Well, Emma doesn’t get to a do a whole lot and this match isn’t very good – but now we’ve seen both Emma and Paige so the era of amazing NXT women’s matches can’t be THAT far away. In her debut, Emma gets rolled around the ring (literally) by Audrey Marie before they do some of the “Diva pinning combination” exchanges. After an Emma backslide attempt gets 2, Audrey Marie hits her with a side slam and gets the 3 count.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – I felt the same way watching that I did during the Xavier Woods match. Emma is one of my favorite wrestlers ever and this just felt “eh” to me and like she was holding back. Maybe next time will be better.

Meanwhile, we’re sent backstage to Tony Dawson who is with Roman Reigns. Oh shucks. Roman couldn’t make it but left a press release. Said press release uses the phrase “Reigns check” and I’m out. Thank God the Shield debuted around this time because if the last few weeks of Roman Reigns on NXT are any indication it was going to be a bleak run for him.

Later tonight? Main roster tag team championship match.

Up next? Cole. Mahal. Rollins. TALKING!

Back from break, Saxton is in the ring to introduce the “voice of the WWE – Michael Cole”. Cole gets a full entrance with theme music and a Titantron video. This is terrible already. Cole puts over NXT as the future and introduces Jinder Mahal. Jinder heads to the ring. Cole introduces Rollins and he heads to the ring.

It’s essentially the stock “pro wrestling face to face promo” scenario. Jinder claims the championship is his birthright and that Seth is a “born loser” like the people in the crowd. Seth agrees he’s like the people in the crowd and will never be anything like Jinder. This eventually devolves into Jinder being “insulted” by the “American media” (aka – Cole) and he grabs Cole, Seth shoves Jinder, and Jinder punches Seth.

After beating on Seth for a bit, Jinder slaps on the Camel Clutch. Refs flood the ring and Jinder breaks the hold. Mahal holds the NXT Championship aloft, before depositing it on the ring next to the fallen Rollins.

Well, see you in two weeks for the title match! Oh, wait… the show isn’t over yet.

Up next? WWE Tag Team Championship match.

Back from break, Saxton is in the ring to introduce the main event. All four men get full, separate entrances. I noticed during Kane’s entrance that he was wearing a mask… over his existing mask. I guess that was a thing that I missed when I wasn’t watching in the early 2010s. Once Bryan is announced the crowd chants “Yes” at him and he goes insane. They keep doing it and I’m not lying when the time between the “start dot” and “finish dot” on the Network is 1/3 entrances and people chanting at Bryan and 2/3 a wrestling match. We go to break with Full Sail still yellling “Yes” at an enraged Daniel Bryan.

Back from break, the bell rings.

Match #4: Team Hell No (c) vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty (WWE Tag Team Championship Match)

Two teams of guys who don’t really like each other. Oh boy! Suffice to say, I did not care for this match. Curtis and McGillicutty eventually isolate Bryan and go to work on him. That seemed like what would happen when I saw the match graphic earlier in the show and is exactly what happens. Kane eventually gets the hot tag and is on fire (lol). Right when Kane is about to chokeslam McGillicutty straight to Hell – Bryan tags himself in. The ensuing argument allows Curtis to enter and break things up. In the resulting confusion, Bryan somehow locks the “No Lock” on and McGillicutty taps.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – No tag team division (still) but we got this – so it’s something I guess. At the very least, Full Sail seemed to enjoy yelling things at Daniel Bryan. So, even though I didn’t enjoy the match, that bit was fun to see.

Post-match, Kane and Bryan argue in the ring. Full Sail chants for them to “hug it out”. Kane offers a hug and Daniel eventually gives in and they embrace.

We go off the air with them celebrating in the ring.

Next week? No clue. Maybe GM Dusty Rhodes’ announcement that never happened?

In 2 weeks? Seth vs. Jinder for the title!

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