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WWE NXT 11/08/17 Recap - Adam Cole
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WWE NXT 11/08/17 Recap

Kairi takes on the Iconic Duo, another TakeOver War Games match is booked, and the War Games situation escalates.

WWE NXT 11/08/17 features Billie Kay taking on Kairi Sane. Also, WWE social media has announced we’re getting Adam Cole (Bay Bay) vs. Roderick Strong on tonight’s show. Beyond that, this is the week we’ll get any last-minute additions to the TakeOver War Games card since next week is the “go home” show. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 11/08/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package highlighting last week’s main event and Regal making the War Games match.

Standard NXT credits and we’re taped (originally taped 10/04/17) from Full Sail. Mauro welcomes us to the show as Heavy Machinery’s music hits and they head out to the ring. During the HM entrance, Nigel tells us that our main event tonight is Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole. With seemingly no one “already in the ring” I thought maybe this wouldn’t be a squash match. But I guess Chris Payne and Sean Maluta were just hanging out at ring side.

Match #1: Heavy Machinery vs. Chris Payne & Sean Maluta

It’s another Heavy Machinery squash. Maluta does almost nothing but take a few bumps. Payne is the main tackling dummy and does a nice back bump (with theatrics) at one point. Beyond Otis doing “The Worm” at one point – this is nothing to write home about. I thought perhaps someone would come out to challenge Heavy Machinery after the match, but we’re just two weeks out from TakeOver so… yeah.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Heavy Machinery goes over easily and clean with their Compactor finish. We’ve seen it before. Not bad, but nothing special either.

Meanwhile, Christy is backstage with Ember Moon. We get Moon’s rebuttal to Mercedes Martinez saying that Moon won’t win at TakeOver. Moon wants to face Martinez next week to show her why she’s the biggest threat in the division.

Later tonight? Cole vs. Strong.

Also, later tonight? Velveteen Dream in action.

Meanwhile, Kairi Sane is… walking. The “…walking” scenes at NXT are so weird since it looks like the wrestler is just walking down the hallway of a random office building. Kairi is in action next!

Back from break, Kairi Sane enters. Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce) is out next.

Match #2: Kairi Sane vs. Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

Always kind of considered the “lesser” in the Iconic Duo, Kay busts out some new stuff in this match. For instance, I don’t remember a Torture Rack as one of her moves, but she uses it here. Short of a surprising Peyton Royce win at TakeOver, it really feels like we should be seeing Kay and Royce on Raw or SmackDown by now. Either way, the mission here was to put over Kairi Sane and they do just that. Kairi hits a spear off the ropes, a sliding forearm strike, and eventually hits a back fist. The fist drops Kay long enough for Sane to climb the ropes and hit her Elbow Drop finisher. Not one of the best elbow drops we’ve seen, but it was supposed to be a rushed looking spot – so it’ll do.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Sane needed to win since it made no sense to have someone not in the Fatal Four Way win here. I can’t remember the last time either Iconic Duo member had a bad match – so this accomplishes exactly what it set out to do.

Meanwhile, Regal is on the phone in his office. Kassius Ohno enters and says he’s been on a roll lately and wants to get back in the title picture. He suggests a match at TakeOver to solidify his spot. Regal asks who he has in mind and Ohno says he wants Lars Sullivan. Regal looks surprised, but grants Ohno the match.

After the break, we’re going to take a look at the history of the War Games match.

Back from break, Mauro puts over Dusty Rhodes as the creator of War Games. We see a video package highlighting the history of the match. Besides hearing Tony Schiavone on NXT – interviews with Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, and Booker T about their experiences in War Games matches are mixed in with classic footage. Good crash course on the history of this WCW staple for those new to the product.

Next, we get a sit down with Zelina Vega and Andrade Cien Almas. The off-screen interviewer asks them what their strategy is for TakeOver. Zelina says she doesn’t give away her secrets and strategies. They met Drew face to face – only he wasn’t ready for them. When asked what their relationship is, Almas begins to answer. Vega cuts him off and says they don’t have to answer that. She says she’s known Almas for seven years and knows the real Andrade. He’s a new man now and it’s impossible to get a win over him. He’s peerless and Drew will find that out in Houston. Almas cuts a promo in Spanish to end the interview.

Up next? Velveteen Dream in action.

Back from break, Dream is out. He’s facing Cezar Bononi. Cezar gets a full entrance here.

Match #3: Velveteen Dream vs. Cezar Bononi

Full entrance notwithstanding, Cezar is here to put over Dream. Beyond a small bit of offense from Bononi, this match is all Dream. Velveteen Dream even jaws with the ref at one point, telling her to not touch him. After a textbook spinebuster, Velveteen Dream hits the Death Valley Bomb and covers Bononi for the win. No elbow drop this week.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I liked the subtlety of Dream not even needing to hit the elbow drop to get the win over someone lower on the card. Good stuff.

Post-match, Dream gets on the mic. He states that when “all that’s dark comes to light, Aleister’s lips will say his name”. They really should have made this an “I Quit” match, only the loser has to say his opponent’s name instead of “I Quit”. Oh well, maybe next time.

Next, we learn that Ruby Riot is out with an ankle injury – allegedly at the hands of a Sonya Deville ankle lock. Ruby is getting interviewed by some people with smartphones, when the doctor tells her she still needs a “week or two” of rest. Sonya appears and what ensues is a very confusing conversation. Sonya claims that Ruby is a “coward” because she didn’t tap out and cost Sonya a title shot. Ruby fires back that Sonya should have “broken it (the ankle)”. Somehow the end result is we’re getting Ruby vs. Sonya once Ruby is healed. Sonya tells her to heal up good so she can break the ankle this time.

Up next? The main event.

Back from break, no main event. But, instead, here are the Street Profits in some random part of Full Sail. Some guy walks by and they compliment his suit and give him a black Solo cup and send him on his way. Next, some guy is there to deliver a suit from the cleaners. It’s for Tino Sabbatelli. Montez Ford claims he’s Sabbatelli and the guy leaves the suit with him. The Street Profits look at the suit and Moss and Sabbatelli arrive and snatch the suit back. The bottom line here is that next week we get a match based on which team has nicer and more expensive material items. Classic.

Next week? Ember Moon vs. Mercedes Martinez.

Also, next week? Drew McIntyre and Andrade Cien Almas – Face To Face!

Meanwhile, Roderick Strong is out first for the main event. Adam Cole enters last – and by himself.

Match #4: Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole

I figured this match would end in a cluster – and I wasn’t wrong – but this turned out a bit better than I expected. Instead of getting right to the War Games run ins, we have a solid one on one between Strong and Cole. Strong is in peril for a good chunk of the match until he hits a desperation backbreaker to even things out. Cole nearly gets a pin fall following a knee into superkick into shoulder breaker combo. Strong fires back up and manages to hit Cole with a backbreaker from the top rope – it’s hard to explain but Strong just sort of drops Cole so the top ropes in the corner do the backbreaker for him. This causes Fish and O’Reilly to head out to protect Cole who is selling the back hard at this point. The interference causes the bell to ring.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I had lower expectations going in to this due to the obligatory run ins – but this managed to exceed those expectations.

After the bell rings, Authors of Pain head out to back Strong. Meanwhile, SAnitY (sans Nikki Cross) enter through the crowd. The predictable brawl breaks out between the three factions. This eventually culminates in Roderick Strong superplexing Adam Cole out of the ring onto the other seven guys in the War Games match.

We go off the air with all nine men down on the ground by the entrance ramp. Well, that’s an exciting way to end the show – and it’s not even the “go home” episode!

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