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WWE NXT 11/29/17 Recap - Peyton Royce
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WWE NXT 11/29/17 Recap

We’re taped from San Antonio, Texas and this week’s episode is a great advertisement for NXT live events.

I’m not even sure what to expect from WWE NXT 11/29/17. We were told last week we’re getting Peyton Royce vs. Kairi Sane and The Street Profits vs. Sabbatelli & Moss. However, with last week’s show being the TakeOver dark matches and the next set of tapings happening later tonight – I can only imagine we’re going to be taped from several locations prior to TakeOver War Games. I’m also expecting some “earlier today” segments to pad out this episode.¬† Should be an odd one. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 11/29/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped (originally taped the night before War Games) from the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas. Nigel has the night off but Mauro and Percy are here to welcome us to the show and hype up tonight’s action. Our main event is Trent Seven & Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews. Also, later tonight? Peyton Royce vs. Kairi Sane.

So, I’m going to preface this recap by saying this episode is a great advertisement for NXT’s live events. These matches exemplify what you see when you attend one. On top of that, having an episode shot outside of Full Sail, but still in a small venue, really changed things up this week for the better. Anyway, on with the show!

The Street Profits music hits and they’re out to a pop. Montez Ford is wearing a cowboy hat – because Texas. Sabbatelli & Moss are out next to mild heel heat.

Match #1: Street Profits vs. Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

Kudos to Mauro for dropping a “Black Friday” reference into a match between two teams feuding over who buys the most material goods. The match is standard stuff between these teams, but the San Antonio crowd is really into Street Profits (possibly more than Full Sail) so it plays really well. Tino and Riddick continue their showboating ways – including Moss gyrating over Ford at one point. We get a false finish where it looks like the heels are going to win, but the ref sees Moss holding Dawkins’ feet from the outside and stops the count. From that point, things break down and Street Profits go over with their Pop-Up Spinebuster into Frog Splash finisher combo.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – A high energy match that had a hot crowd. Doing shows outside of Full Sail, who in their defense have seen it all, gives even a standard tag match like this some new life.

Post-match, Ford dances with his cup on top of a subwoofer.

During the match commentary, Mauro assures us that they haven’t “dropped” Nigel and he’ll back on next week’s show.

Meanwhile, we see this video clip from “last week” of Bate and Seven challenging Dunne to a tag match.

“Earlier today”, Christy is with Bate and Seven. Trent says that they wanted the match with Dunne to teach him a lesson after he left Wolfgang to get assaulted by the Undisputed Era. They are “Mustache Mountain” and they cast doubt on how well Dunne and Andrews will work together as a team.

Later tonight? Mustache Mountain vs. Dunne & Andrews.

Meanwhile, also “earlier today”, Andrews is interviewed and says he only accepted the spot on Dunne’s team because if they win he wants a shot at Dunne’s UK Title. So, why exactly would Dunne want to win this match now?

Up next? Kairi vs. Peyton.

The “break” is a hype video for Lars Sullivan.

Back from break, Sane is out to her new music and a decent crowd reaction. Royce and Kay are out next to a pop. Royce is wearing a “I <3 Billie” shirt and Billie is wearing a “I <3 Peyton” shirt. Adorable.

Match #2: Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce (w/ Billie Kay)

Surprisingly, this one didn’t feature a ton of Billie Kay interference. She gets in one distraction spot that helps Peyton get a 2 count and then gets dropped from the apron towards the end of the match. Royce gets a near fall (and this week’s article photo for her reaction) but never gets really close to sealing the deal here. Sane does the right amount of ragdolling for the bigger Royce, but it’s a house show so obviously she’s going to win here. After the aforementioned “taking out Billie Kay on the apron” spot, Sane is able to go up and hit Peyton with the Elbow Drop to get the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Kairi picks up the win which allegedly has “championship implications” but even at the more liberal NXT – I don’t suspect they’re going to give us a straight¬†babyface vs. babyface title match. The only points off are this felt a little short. However, we’re viewing this out of context and this was the night before both women had a Fatal Four Way TakeOver match.

Post-match, Billie checks on Peyton while Kairi poses in the ring.

Meanwhile, we see footage of Ruby Riot(t) vs. Sonya Deville from last week.

Next week? Ruby Riot (w/ extra T) vs. Sonya Deville in a No Holds Barred match. YAY! I get one more Ruby Riot(t) match at NXT!!

Up next? Main event.

Back from break, not the main event – but footage of Almas beating Drew to win the title at TakeOver.

Next, we see exclusive footage of Drew getting checked out after the match. After that, we see Drew’s tweet announcing he’s going to have to take some time off to have surgery and heal up.

Next week? Zelina Vega presents the Andrade Championship Celebration. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, “Not Sledgehammer” hits and Bate and Seven enter together. They’re wearing matching gear and doing synchronized poses in the corners. Andrews’ music hits and he’s out next. The crowd begins to chant “Bruiserweight” even before Dunne’s music hits. It finally hits, Dunne is out to a pop, and gets the biggest reaction on this week’s show.

Match #3: Trent Seven & Tyler Bate vs. Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne

Wow, this match is insane. So many cool spots to list off, but seriously – the Frankensteiner into sit-out powerbomb spot by Andrews and Dunne was unreal to watch. The match itself breaks down how you’d expect. The faces work well together, but Dunne takes exception to Andrews – refusing to tag out at times and then tagging himself to annoy Andrews. Both Bate and Seven go in peril since this one goes a bit longer than the standard tags we get on a weekly episode of NXT. The finish comes after Bate manages to hit a Tyler Driver 97 on Dunne as things break down. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Andrews who was the only person with any real stakes in this match.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Good storytelling for a match predicated almost entirely by “last week – exclusive” and “earlier today” YouTube videos. Andrews loses his shot at Dunne’s title and Bate gets the pin on the champ to raise his stock even more.

Post-match, Andrews looks angry in the ring. Bate and Seven leave and Andrews attempts to help Dunne up. Dunne shrugs him off and when Andrews turns his back, Dunne levels him. Dunne leaves, but runs back and hits Andrews with the Bitter End.

We go off the air on Dunne posing in the ring with the UK title.

For a show that could have been entirely phoned in, we got some solid matches, and a spectacle of a main event. This week’s show definitely exceeded my expectations going in. Well done.

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