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WWE NXT 12/04/13 Recap - Antonio Cesaro, Byron Saxton
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WWE NXT 12/04/13 Recap

Two titles get defended, Tyson Kidd returns, English sings, and Cesaro apologizes to Byron.

The big draw for WWE NXT 12/04/13 is NXT Champion Bo Dallas defending his strap against new #1 Contender Adrian Neville. Beyond that, a match between Paige and Natalya for the NXT Women’s Champion was randomly brought up by way of backstage confrontation last week so maybe that happens? Maybe Bayley and “her friend” face Summer Rae & Sasha Banks instead? Maybe JBL finds a reason to curse the show with more “Beat The Clock Challenge” matches? Let’s find out!

WWE NXT 12/04/13 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Cold open on “last week“. Someone in a hallway is interviewing Antonio Cesaro about Regal’s involvement in his match. Cesaro mocks Regal and says it won’t end well for him. Kruger wanders in and thanks Cesaro for taking him to a place he hasn’t been in a long time when they faced off. Cesaro offers Kruger a place in the “Real Americans” faction if Kruger does him a favor. Cesaro realizes a camera is right there so he whispers in Kruger’s ear. Both guys say “Sami Zayn” a bunch and Cesaro leaves.

Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Byron welcomes us to the show and a new ring announcer lets us know we’re about to watch a NXT Women’s Championship match. Natalya is out first, Paige follows. Byron is joined by Renee Young and Alex Riley this week.

Match #1: Paige (c) vs. Natalya (NXT Women’s Championship Match)

Byron says “twerk” instead of “torque” and commentary devolves into discussing Miley Cyrus for most of this match. At least Mauro’s pop culture references are brief and don’t go off the rails! This is a decent enough match. Paige has to fight out of the Sharpshooter towards the end and starts selling her knee. Nattie walks over and Paige hits the Paige Turner literally out of nowhere to get the win. Even commentary seemed shocked but they were probably too distracted talking about Miley Cyrus videos anyway.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I think this was the longest match on the show this week which is a major improvement from the four or five minute roll up fests we’ve been enduring over the past year.

Post-match, Paige hugs Nattie.

Meanwhile, Lana is backstage with Rusev speaking in Russian. Tyler Breeze wanders in and thanks Rusev for helping him last week. Tyler starts cutting a promo on how gross Ohno is and how he’s a “uggo”. Lana cuts Breeze off and tells him to leave. Breeze says he was going to invite them to something next week but complies and leaves. Lana continues on in Russian and she talks about “crushing Ohno” and something about the “NXT Championship”.

Later tonight? Bo Dallas defends the NXT Championship against Adrian Neville.

Back from break, the new backstage interviewer guy is with Mojo Rawley. Mojo is hyped because he stays hyped. Sylvester Lefort and Scott Dawson enter and Lefort tries to recruit Mojo. Rawley isn’t having it and compares Lefort to a corrupt sports agent. In fact, Dawson has noticed some of his checks are missing but he believes that they’re “in the mail”. Dawson’s idea is for he and Mojo to have a match next week. Mojo’s response? He stays hyped. Of course he does.

Meanwhile, already in the ring? No idea. Full Sail calls him “this guy” in their chant so we’ll go with that. It doesn’t matter though, because Aiden English is out next and sings himself to the ring.

Match #2: Aiden English vs. This Guy

English squash.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – The match was literally a few spots and a finisher, but the whole presentation for English is great. I still can’t believe they cut his entrance on that show a few weeks back.

Post-match, English gives Full Sail an encore. Roses flood the ring as is customary. As English leaves, Jack Swagger’s music hits and Antonio Cesaro is out. English heads to the back and Cesaro cuts a promo saying he wants to apologize to Saxton. Byron reluctantly leaves commentary and heads up to the stage. I guess Cesaro thinks that Byron touched his “don’t tread on me” flag and he apologizes for losing his temper. In fact, he apologizes in 5 different languages. Cesaro tries to get Byron do to the “We The People” taunt and Byron does a weak version of it. Cesaro loses it, thinks that Byron is making fun of him, rips Byron’s jacket off, and nails him with a punch. Cesaro is really out here looking for Regal and since Byron doesn’t know where Regal is he’s “useless”. Cesaro leaves to boos… when just a few minutes ago a “Push Cesaro” chant was going.

Meanwhile, “last week” someone interviews Sami Zayn backstage. Zayn gets taken out from behind by Leo Kruger.

Back from break, Tom Phillips has replaced Byron on commentary.

Some music hits and Tyson Kidd (w/ footage from February 2013) is out next. Kidd has been off TV so long they show us a clip from February where he’s in the ring with crutches and Kruger messes with him to remind us who he is. Kruger is out next.

Match #3: Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger

Kidd is on fire with kicks and strikes for most of the match. It’s a good comeback showcase for Kidd and they give Kruger some heat when he goes after the “surgically repaired knee”. Even better, Kruger slaps on the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring upping the ante. Zayn is out to the apron to distract Kruger in true main roster babyface fashion. Kidd takes advantage of this and rolls up Kruger for the win.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Roll up finish by distraction aside – I’m glad Kidd is finally back. I also dig Kruger as a heel and know the days of that are seriously numbered here in late 2013 so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

Up next? Neville vs. Bo for the title!

Next week? Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger.

Meanwhile, Hunico & Camacho are outside and cut a promo saying every thing they want they have to take. Next week, they’re taking the NXT Tag Team Championships from The Ascension. Good luck, guys!

Back in the arena, Neville is out first for the main event. Bo Dallas is out next to someone in Full Sail screaming like they’re being murdered.

Match #4: Bo Dallas (c) vs. Adrian Neville (NXT Championship Match)

By the time the introductions were over there was about 8 minutes until the show ended. So, my expectations were low. It’s obvious they’re going to milk Bo as champion for a while so Neville’s chances here were not so good. We get the usual set up where Neville goes up for the Red Arrow but his opponent bails out. In fact, Bo bails out of the ring several times which is definite foreshadowing for the finish. Neville nails Bo with a dive to the outside and both guys struggle to beat the ref’s count. Neville is in at 9, but Bo falls back to the floor. Count out win for Neville.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Full Sail seemed annoyed by this – which is what I’m sure NXT was going for. Bo gets to keep the title in a way to get himself even more cheap heat and Neville joins the club of guys “this close” to putting Bo away. Count out endings in title matches are aggravating when they’re on TV so I’m mixed on this one.

We go off the air on Bo selling on the ramp.

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