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WWE NXT 12/19/12 Recap - Corey Graves
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NXT Catch Up

WWE NXT 12/19/12 Recap

Big Show takes on Bo Dallas, Big E fights two men, and Graves makes a statement at the expense of Rollins.

Big Show vs. Bo Dallas is the main event for WWE NXT 12/19/12. Also, Big E Langston will be taking on Camacho and a partner of Camacho’s choosing in a handicap match. It’s also the final NXT episode of 2012 (the 12/26/12 episode is a ‘year-end recap’ – and I don’t recap recap shows) so here’s hoping WWE ends the year with a bang. Let’s get to the recap!

WWE NXT 12/19/12 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. We open with a dramatic video package on Bo Dallas and his open challenge to any and all WWE Superstars. We learn that Big Show accepted Bo’s challenge and that match is tonight! Standard NXT opening credits and we’re taped from Full Sail. Tony Dawson welcomes us to the show and he’s joined by William Regal.

Primo & Epico’s music hits and they’re out (w/ Rosa Mendes). The Usos’ music hits next and they follow.

Match #1: Primo & Epico (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs. The Usos

A standard tag match that isn’t too exciting. The Usos are the faces so they’re in peril. Primo and Epico do the “distract the ref so he misses the hot tag” spot – but the Uso hot tag eventually comes. Rosa plays no role beyond slapping one of the Usos behind the ref’s back. The Usos mount a comeback off the hot tag and after a Jimmy superkick, Jey goes up for a splash to pick up the win. Also, of note, “Full Sail” is “Full Sail” for one of the first times as they chant “Where’s Carlito?” at Primo during the match.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Not super exciting considering what the Usos are capable of. My standard “the tag division has no direction in early NXT” complaint also applies here.

Post-match, immediately after the bell rings, the Ascension’s entrance hits. They appear on the screen and cut a promo saying that the “war is far from over” and the Usos will be “exterminated”. For, they are the Ascension and “the Ascension will rise”. So, that “forgotten for several months” Usos / Ascension feud is back on. Neat.

Later tonight? An interview with Seth Rollins.

Also, later tonight? Bo Dallas vs. Big Show.

Back from break, Camacho’s music hits and he’s out with… Aiden English? Okay. Random handicap team alert! Big E Langston’s music hits and he’s out next.

Match #2: Camacho & Aiden English vs. Big E Langston (Handicap Match)

So, the intentions behind this seemingly random team becomes a bit more clear after the bell rings. English is Camacho’s patsy and that becomes apparent when Big E pummels English and then physically drags English over to Camacho – trying to force a tag. Camacho drops to the floor and watches Big E hit the Big Ending on English.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Big E is super impressive and I loved the “drag the partner over to try to force a tag” spot.

Post-match? Two more Big Endings on English and two self-counted five counts by Big E.

Later tonight? Show Dallas.

Meanwhile, Big E is shouting “five” along with the fans at ringside.

Earlier tonight? Fans arrived at Full Sail for the NXT Sports Entertainment Show.

Back in the arena? Percy Watson is out for a match. Kassius Ohno is out next.

Match #3: Percy Watson vs. Kassius Ohno

Wow, Watson really surprised me in this match. We haven’t seen a ton of him so far, but previously he used a lot of dropkicks and flips. However, in this match, he switches it up and attempts to match Ohno strike for strike. It works out pretty well, but Watson goes back to his showboating ways and it gives Ohno the edge. But seriously, this is the best Percy Watson has looked so far on the show. Needless to say, Ohno has the feud with Regal right now so he goes over here with an elbow strike to the back of Watson’s head.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – I liked seeing Watson switch his style up and turn what seemed like a boring squash match into something fun.

Post-match, Ohno stares Regal down and then trash talks him from the ramp. We cut to a jittery, zoomed in shot of Regal no selling Ohno’s trash talk and we linger here for long enough it feels uncomfortable.

Later tonight? Big Show is here!

Up next? JR interviews Rollins.

Back from break, Jim Ross is in the ring and he introduces Seth Rollins. Seth is out in street clothes and carrying the NXT Championship. Ross mentions that as champ, Seth is now the hunted and not the hunter. Seth starts to respond and gets loudly heckled. Seth’s promo essentially says that he’s a fighting champ and he’s ready for the next challenger – whoever they may be. Enter Corey Graves, literally, who slides in and takes out Seth’s knee. Graves locks on Lucky 13 and makes a bunch of crazy monster faces while Seth writhes in pain. Eventually, refs rush the ring and pull Graves off of Rollins. But is the damage already done? Seth sells the knee and rolls out of the ring. Graves is not done. He grabs JR and starts talking into JR’s mic demanding that JR interview him. Ross says nothing and Graves cuts a promo saying that the beating he just gave Rollins tells a story – just like all of Graves’ tattoos. Tonight’s story? Graves wants the NXT Championship. Graves’ promo continues into Bray Wyatt bizarro land talking about Graves feeds off of “the anarchy” and how the NXT Superstars are searching for the “stairway to heaven”. Graves says his path leads straight through Hell. See you in Hell, Rollins!

Up next? Main event!

Back from break, John Cena appears backstage. Is Cena at NXT looking for a WrestleMania weekend match? No, it’s not 2018. It’s 2012 and we’ve called on John Cena to attempt to get people to watch next week’s recap and clip show!

Next, Bo Dallas is out for the main event. Jim Ross joins commentary, and Big Show is out last.

Match #4: Bo Dallas vs. Big Show

Big Show does “the thing”, wherein “the thing” is decisively defeating Bo Dallas with a KO Punch. Dallas hope spots involve a desperation sleeper hold and just diving out of the way of Big Show. Neither are very effective. Full Sail seemed super excited to see Big Show who was the reigning WWE Heavyweight Champion at the time, so they’re hot for the whole match. This honestly felt like a “dark main event” they’d do to send the crowd home happy at the end of a long set of tapings.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – Despite not being anything to write home about in ring work wise, this was a fun feature attraction for the “year-end” main event match.

We go off the air on Big Show posing on the stage to end NXT 2012.

Next week? I don’t recap recap shows, so the next show is the first one of 2013. Hopefully 2013 is the year we get tag team titles and a women’s title!

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