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Is WWE Roadblock Dean Ambrose’s Money in the Bank Briefcase?

Could WWE Roadblock be WWE’s “out” to put the title on Dean Ambrose before WrestleMania to shake up the card and potentially turn Roman Reigns heel?

I try to avoid becoming yet another wrestling site that resorts to rumors and completely fabricated information to get cheap clicks. However, I have to stop and take a look at this upcoming WWE Network special, WWE Roadblock, that popped up seemingly out of nowhere over the last few weeks. An event, mind you, that now has Triple H defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose just weeks before WrestleMania.

WWE Roadblock began as a live event from Toronto that was going to be broadcast live on the WWE Network. This is unusual, but WWE has done this before, first with the “Beast in the East” show in Japan, and then later with the “Live from Madison Square Garden” show. Beyond Brock Lesnar set to appear in Toronto, this just looked like another excuse to pop Network subscriptions in the lead up to WrestleMania. I think many assumed this would be another “house show on steroids” like the previous Network special events have been thus far.

Now, fast forward to Monday Night Raw this week. With Roman Reigns home dealing with an apparent “shoot” nasal surgery, and the “worked” explanation of nursing the Triple H beatdown from Raw two weeks ago, we’re faced with Triple H and Dean Ambrose having a verbal showdown. That may seem innocuous on the surface, but I feel there may be more to this than meets the eye. Considering the show ends with Triple H granting Ambrose the title shot he asked for but not saying when, led many to believe this would happen on Raw next week or any other Raw between now and Mania. And the next morning, WWE issues a press release saying the live special from Toronto is now called WWE Roadblock and will feature the Ambrose vs. Triple H title match. At some point Tuesday, many sites began to report that Brock Lesnar’s match for Roadblock will be against Luke Harper. Interesting. You may remember that the Wyatt Family seemed destined to be feuding with Brock Lesnar going into WrestleMania after they conspired to eliminate him from the Royal Rumble match. But, then the next night on Raw, WWE started the inexplicable Wyatt Family vs. Kane / Big Show / Ryback program that resulted in one of the worst matches on the Fastlane card. Instead, Lesnar was shoehorned into the title picture and then with Reigns winning at Fastlane, the only thing they could do was make a Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar match for WrestleMania.

It seems quite coincidental that Roadblock now has Brock putting his toe back into the Wyatt Family feud and could theoretically end with Dean Ambrose as WWE World Heavyweight Championship. That would put Dean in the title match at Mania and free up Brock to go along with the originally planned match against Bray Wyatt. See how this sort of makes sense? It’s almost like Roadblock is being used as a potential “get out of jail free” card to alter the WrestleMania card, just weeks before the event to make a more palatable show.

As good as Ambrose / Lesnar could be, I know I’d much rather see Dean face Reigns for the title. I’m going to delve into fantasy booking here, but let’s say Dean beats Triple H and becomes a transitional champion for the remainder of March. You could then have Roman be “happy” for Dean but be secretly harboring resentment towards him because he essentially jumped the line while Roman was “out with the injury”. Then you have Roman straight up turn heel at Mania and win the title, or, in a repeat of Seth Rollins, have Roman win the title with the help of Triple H and the Authority after getting one of those “offers too good to refuse”. Either way, Dean’s title reign is brief, pops the crowd in the short-term, and Roman still leaves Mania with the title, but as a heel and getting major heat for the first time ever.

As for the Lesnar angle? Well, the Wyatt’s most recent promo is vague, but could possible lead to them targeting Lesnar once again. One could even then argue the seemingly pointless “titans” match and program was their warm up to taking on a true “beast”. I know a lot of people would be upset not seeing Ambrose / Lesnar, but if they’re doing what I think they might be doing with Dean, we’ll see that match soon enough I’m sure.

In a way, it almost appears as if they’re using Roadblock as a “Money in the Bank” briefcase to potentially swap the title to a face to turn Roman heel and either align him with The Authority or Vince McMahon himself. The addition of the Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker match at Mania lends even more to the possibility that Triple H may be off TV for a while, so factoring him out of the main event would make sense as well. With MitB being more or less wasted on Sheamus this year, they didn’t otherwise have the “out” they had going into WrestleMania last year with Rollins still holding the briefcase. WWE Roadblock could very well be this year’s “Money in the Bank” type situation that leads to a more interesting WrestleMania.

This is, of course, all speculation on my part and there is the distinct possibility that Roadblock just ends with Triple H retaining and Lesnar / Harper being a one-off. But, the way things are lined up it has got me wondering if they just might surprise us and shake things up for this year’s WrestleMania.

UPDATE 03/03/16 – They’ve now swapped Bray Wyatt for Luke Harper in the Brock Lesnar match. They’re either doing an amazing job of swerving us or this show is going back to some of the plans going in to the Royal Rumble.

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