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WWE SmackDown Live 06/13/17 Recap - Shinsuke Nakamura
(WWE / USA Network)

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Live 06/13/17 Recap

No new matches are booked for MITB, Lana has an awkward finisher, and the tag division steals the show.

WWE SmackDown Live 06/13/17 is the go home show for the SmackDown exclusive Money in the Bank PPV on Sunday. Ahead of tonight, we’ve been promised a six-man tag featuring all six men in the Money in the Bank ladder match and a “confrontation” between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal. With only five matches booked for the PPV before this week’s episode begins, at the very least I suspect we’ll see a Kickoff Show match get added. Will WWE remember they have Luke Harper on their roster? Let’s find out.

WWE SmackDown Live 06/13/17 Recap

WWE. Then. Now. Forever. Standard SmackDown Live opening credits, no pyro (saving that for 205 Live?), and we’re live from New Orleans. Money in the Bank is just days away, so the stage is littered with ladders.

Later tonight? Six-man tag action featuring all six MITB men. Also later tonight? Orton and Mahal go face to face (but, spoiler alert, not so much unless you consider a RKO from behind “face to face”). Also, later tonight (er, actually next) New Day & Breezango vs. The Usos & The Colons.

We kick the show off with the New Day entering with a live jazz band playing them to the ring, because New Orleans. This actually worked well and I could totally see this on a larger scale being a New Day WrestleMania entrance at a New Orleans hosted WrestleMania… like the next WrestleMania. Hmm. Anyway, the New Day cut a promo on the Usos which brings them out.

After the Usos cut a brief promo, Breezango are out. So, can we call them the Fashion Police yet? Their TitanTron says it, New Day refers to them as it, I mean it’s basically canon now. Anyway, the Fashion PoPo say they had a major break in the case and the Usos Day One isn’t H, it’s G… for gross. This brings out the Colons, who call the Fashion Police the “Fashion Freaks” and they profess their innocence in trashing the Fashion Police Department. The New Day cut in with their “New Day Rocks” chant and they dance with Breezango to send us to the first ad break.

Back from break, 8-man tag action kicks off.

Match #1: The New Day (Kofi & Xavier) & Fashion Police vs. The Usos & The Colons

Wow, this is the best pointless multi-man match we’ve seen on WWE TV for some time. WWE gave these guys 30 minutes to play with and they knocked it out of the park. One of the high points was Woods telling Breeze to do “the thing” which apparently is a reference to a team move they had when they tagged together in the early days of NXT. New Day and the Fashion Police have wonderful chemistry here, as do the Usos and the Colons. Woods and Kofi end up picking up the win for the faces with a team “double stomp” off the ropes that the announcers call the “Up Up Down Down”. Of course, that bodes ominous for the New Day on Sunday, but it was a fun finish to great match tonight.

Verdict: Thumbs Up – This is the way to do a multi-man tag match with no stakes. Well done all the way around.

Post-match, the two face teams pose in the ring.

Later tonight? Charlotte faces off with Natalya.

Back from break, AJ is warning Nakamura about Sami Zayn getting a little too excited with multi-man matches. Zayn enters and starts out calmly wanting to discuss strategy with AJ and Nakamura. Maybe Sami is laying off the 5-Hour Energy since they’ve swapped out to the lame ads (volcano / geyser ad! #NeverForget). Eventually, Sami gets a little manic. Nakamura sells this entire thing great while AJ gets a little exasperated. Zayn eventually leaves and Nakamura declares that he likes Sami.

Meanwhile, Mojo is backstage to discuss his recent loss against Mahal. Mojo looks depressed and puts over Mahal, only to eventually get himself a little more hyped up. Eventually, Zack Ryder enters (welcome back, Zack) and suggests they have unfinished business as a tag team. I can almost feel the Ryder turn from here.

Next, Naomi is out and we head to break.

Back from break, Tamina is out. Unfortunately, Lana’s music hits and she’s out next.

Match #2: Naomi vs. Tamina

Consider Lana “Chekhov’s Lana” and/or the “Lana of Damocles”. Her and her god-awful new gimmick cast a pall on this match and makes it entirely impossible to enjoy on any level. Lana doesn’t interfere with the match, which in and of itself as a match isn’t very good, but she’s there and you just know WWE is going to do something idiotic with her. Naomi gets the win here with the split-legged moonsault, but you know it’s a Pyrrhic victory when Lana immediately enters the ring after the three count.

Verdict: Thumbs Down – Not a very good match and we have the gloom of “Dancing Lana” at ring side. This is the darkest timeline.

Post-match, Lana immediately attacks Naomi and hits her with a new finisher. Not being content on aping X-Pac’s offense, Lana’s new finisher is a rough-looking “Clash of the Titus” styled sit-out spinebuster. Nope. Lana demands the belt and poses with it. The lone hope is that this tends to mean that the challenger doesn’t win the title, but that didn’t happen with Mahal so… yeah.

Meanwhile, Jinder and the Singh Bros. are backstage… walking. They’re up next!

Back from break, The Singhs introduce Mahal, who comes out to his full entrance. Mahal cuts a promo saying Orton is afraid of him and mentions that Cowboy Bob Orton “and other legends” will be at ring side for the title match on Sunday. Mahal continues his promo in Punjabi (because he can), the crowd chants “USA”, and eventually Orton’s music hits.

Mahal sends the Singhs to run interference, but Orton comes flying out of nowhere in the ring to hit an RKO on Mahal and leaves Mahal laying on his rug in the ring. At least this isn’t the Attitude Era where Orton would proceed to urinate on the rug and Lawler would make some reference to the rug really tying the ring together.

Anyway, Orton leaves through the crowd and we get a lingering shot on Orton posing in the crowd that lets this one fan get like almost a solid minute of TV time on SmackDown Live. I hope they had him sign a release…

Meanwhile, KO spits logic at Ziggler and Corbin in the locker room. Owens suggests they could work together tonight, or fall apart and leave all three of them worse for wear heading into the PPV. Ziggler and Corbin appear to reluctantly accept that Owens’ idea is a good one.

Back from break, we see Orton RKO Mahal again. Meanwhile, Randy is backstage… walking… and Renee catches up to him. Orton claims he just said everything he needed to say in the ring. Randy vows to win the title in his hometown on Sunday.

Natalya is out next, and Charlotte follows.

Match #3: Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair

The highlights here are them showing both Becky Lynch and Carmella (w/ Ellsworth) watching this closely backstage, which at the very least telegraphs this will have a finish. Charlotte goes over relatively easily with the Natural Selection and this isn’t one of the better “Charlotte vs. Nattie” matches we’ve seen, but it serves its purpose. Charlotte is one of the least likely people to win the briefcase, so it made sense to put her over in this match.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – Okay for what it was. Nothing more, nothing less.

Next, the announcers shill the WWE Network. JBL loves the name “Great Balls of Fire” because of course he does.

After that, we get another installment of Fashion Files. Fandango is getting ready to show off his pecs to New Orleans, but he can’t find Breeze. Alas, Breeze has been attacked in the Fashion Police Station. Wow, Big Cass is crossing brands to attack people now? Wait… no! Breeze has an idea who attacked him. It was two hideous monsters with greasy hair, dry skin, and two arms. Fandango draws two stick figures and Breeze declares that’s them! One step closer…

Back from break, we get an Everyday Heroes video package. The kid featured in the video is at the show, he dances in his front row seat, and looks like he’s having a great time.

Meanwhile, Lana is backstage… walking. Dasha approaches her, but Lana cuts a promo on her and claims she will shock the world on Sunday. Ugh.

Main event time. Owens is out first, followed by Corbin, and last Ziggler. Zayn is out first for the face team, followed by AJ, and Nakamura enters last. We head to break after the entrances.

Back from break, we join the match in progress.

Match #4: Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, & Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, & Shinsuke Nakamura

This is an interesting match because I’m sure the internet is picking apart what happens, the finish, and the post-match as it happens to try to predict who is winning the briefcase. Zayn ends up getting the win after a Helluva Kick to Corbin (w/ an assist from AJ). The match itself is standard six-man stuff. Nothing super ground-breaking and not nearly as compelling as the tag team multi-man opener. However, this is what we’ve come to expect heading into a PPV for a main event, so it’s fine and continues the conversation of who goes over on Sunday.

Verdict: Thumbs In The Middle – An average pre-PPV go home main event.

Post-match, Ziggler immediately attacks Zayn and AJ. Meanwhile, KO dispatches Nakamura into the barricade on the outside. KO and Ziggler end up facing off in the ring (after taking out Zayn and AJ with a ladder), they look up at the briefcase, the camera pans… and well, thankfully we have announcers. Apparently, Corbin enters and drops them both. We only hear the sound, so it sounds like they attacked each other. Anyway, Corbin sets up the ladder, only to be taken out with a Kinshasa by Nakamura. Shinsuke ascends the ladder and poses with the briefcase as we go off the air.

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